1 year anniversary!

Hello! I’m so excited because today celebrates the 1 year anniversary of my first post on this blog!

Happy 1st Anniversary, Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

The Rilakkuma family in my apartment! (The rest are at my family’s house)


With the anniversary, it’s so wonderful to reflect on all the great things that have happened just over the past year! With a week’s head start to Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say thanks for reading and following Rilakkuma Lifestyle; I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog, and I enjoy the community even more!

I feel like the international Rilakkuma community has grown stronger and tighter, and it’s really so inspiring to read everyone’s comments and blogs – you all really keep me going!

Keeping up with Rilakkuma together with everyone is really such an honor – I’ve made some wonderful friends and connections, and I’m so very grateful!

Here’s to another great year! <3

Much love,


ETA: San-X just announced that they will also be releasing a Rilakkuma Store Exclusive plushie for the Year of the Horse, in addition to their standard lineup! In addition, Rilakkuma Stores will also be selling an exclusive Rilakkuma lacquerware set!

Ariel from Rilakkuma Desu and I were just discussing the possibility of this the other day! It’s like our wishes came true! What a great anniversary gift hahaha

22 thoughts on “1 year anniversary!

  1. Congratulations! Has it already been a year?? Love all your Rilakkuma posts, keep ’em coming! That’s a really impressive collection, I can’t even begin to imagine what your complete collection looks like XD

    Haha, I spy a Zubat!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR FIRST ANNIVERSARY!!! :)) Love that photo of your Rilakkuma Hug in your apartment. Wow!! You have for more at your family Home? Wish I could see them all!! But yes, I do know how challenging it must be to take group Rilakkuma photos!!:)) your indifferent snow person is really cute !! :)) And I am waving to Wagara Rilakkuma too!! Hello!!:))

    • Thanks so much! Yep, there are some Rilakkuma friends still at my family’s house because I don’t have a lot of space in my apartment, and also many of them we bought as a family while we were in Japan, so they’re shared between all of us so the family home is a good base for them :)

      Yay Wagara Rilakkuma says Hello from the USA! :D

  3. Happy 1 year anniversary, my has your collection grown~ I remember both of us starting at the bottom with only one or two ;) I love looking at that picture. I’m so HAPPY they did make our wish come true, 50 dollars but since I’m passing on everything else It’s got to be worth it. Will you just be getting this one or the any others? Ha that other set is cracking me up~

    • Thanks so much! I’m planning on pre-ordering the Rilakkuma Store Exclusive one also as kind of a reward for passing on everything else that’s come out recently haha – it’ll be my early xmas present hahaha. Not sure about anything else for now: I’ve been eying the new hearts series where they wear scarves, and there was that leak with the penguin suits coming out in spring 2014 so I might wait around for that series instead haha

      • Nevemind,I just saw what you are referring to! Wow, I thought that would be so cute as a plush! They truly did make our dream come true. I really hope that that one will not be really hard to get. In so e cases, even pre ordering does not guarantee anything. I hope that they will make enough to go around.

    • Are you sure it is only 50 dollars? I have a feeling that it will be more. 50 dollars is not a bad price for that plush knowing other ones that I have seen and how much they charged.

  4. Happy first anniversary! Wow, I did not realize that you were a new collector. I would have thought that you were a long time collector. What an impressive collection! I can see you like Rilakkuma the most. I like Korrilakuma the most so my mini collection mostly consists of her. But I like them all and have a few whole sets of all of them too. Thanks for sharing your collection and will you be getting anymore new plush?

    • Thanks so much! I think I’ll definitely try to get this Rilakkuma Store Exclusive year of the horse plushie since it’s my zodiac year, but I am also considering perhaps getting one from the Hearts series http://www.san-x.co.jp/blog/goods/2013/12/post-4.html or the (leaked) penguin series that will be coming out sometime in spring 2014 – the latter two will probably be easier to get because I think they’re just standard releases, and international carriers will be stocking those. What about you, will you be getting any of these new releases?

      • You are welcome and please keep up the good work. Reading your posts and blog really brighten my day. I plan on getting Korillakumma from the heart series and maybe Rilakkuma but not the chick since I do not like the design for the chick. I may get some from the zodiac horse since my mom is a horse and I love horses. I am glad they are standard releases so will be easier to get. I really want to get the horse one with all three of them but will that be hard to get? I think that is a limited release. Which penguin set are you referring to? I have not seen how that looks yet. If that is just a standard release then they will be easier to get. I usually aim for the limited editions since they usually have some cute designs and are harder to get.

  5. Congrats for the 1st anniversary! And more years to come ^^

    Soon I’ll reach my 1st anniversary too OMG it has been a long road but very fun! I’m glad to meet a lot of awesome people on this rilakkuma community <3

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