Year of the Horse Rilakkuma!

Wow, it feels too early to think about 2014 already, but I guess it’s already around the corner!

2014 marks the year of the horse, and to celebrate, San-X will be releasing their yearly zodiac plushie!

Year of the Horse - Rilakkuma

Yea or neigh?

Year of the Horse - Korilakkuma

Rilakkuma’s an all-brown horse, while Korilakkuma is an all-white horse (what a singular color palette).

Year of the Horse - Kiiroitori

I think Kiiroitori makes a really unconvincing horse haha

The price is a random 1,764円 each, and they go on sale at Rilakkuma Stores everywhere (including the Net Shop) on December 7, while select international stores will have a delayed released (generally about a month or two later).

I think I’ll have to pick at least one of these up since I was born in the year of the horse! In fact, due to my birth year (1990), I’m actually a metal horse. Apparently, that means I have a really unpredictable personality – but I’ve never really been one for horoscopes haha.

I’ll probably wait for the international release and buy from a US carrier so I can save a bit on shipping.

There’s really been quite a large representation of quadrapeds in the Rilakkuma lineup this year, hasn’t there? Rilakkuma and friends were sheep (Aries)/bull (Taurus)/lion (Leo)/goat (Capricorn) for the Zodiac, riding horses in Wonderland, being deer for Happy Natural Time, and now they’re dressed as horses! Definitely lots of animals this year haha.

In other news, I caved and bought a Rilakkuma scarf from their recent knitwear line – but hey, it’s been getting a little windy and chilly over here, so it’ll definitely see a lot of use. Can’t wait until it gets here!

27 thoughts on “Year of the Horse Rilakkuma!

  1. :)) could be a neigh for me. But then once again, you will never know. The power of attraction that Rilakkuma holds.:D
    Yes please!! Do show us your beautiful scarf when you have received it!!:))

      • Oh gosh, do not remind me. I am trying to fight the urges so I can save money, but as you guys say, the power of Rilakkuma is too strong. If I do not get something then I am afraid I may regret it down the road and then have to spend so much more time and money just to get it which is how it is with some of the older releases. As we know, once an item is past the release date, they become so rare and so much harder to get.

  2. I saw this release on another site and have been looking forward to them. My mommy is a horse too. Wow, rilakkuma lifestyle, I did not realize that you are so young! It makes me feel really old! I may get the 2 bears for this series but not sure about the chick since the chick surely does not look like a decent horse.

      • Yes, I love horses and my mom and one of my nephews are horses too. I am a goat born in 1979 so am 11 years older than you. My family does not understand why I love San x plush and plushies so much. They think I am too old. My sister in law says that I am like a little girl. I do look younger than my actual age. I am a child at heart and never feel I am too old for San X or anything.

        You are really young and I really miss being in my 20s.

        • At first my family thought me liking Rilakkuma was a little strange, but after a while they got influenced by the power of Rilakkuma haha and now they love him too! All of my family has at least one Rilakkuma now :) I think it’s one of the only things all of us have in common actually!

  3. Which one are your favorite? My favorite is the white bear. I usually like Korilakumma the most but it depends on the style. There are times I like the chick and brown bear the most.

    • I actually tend to buy the brown bears more often, but I think many people in my family actually like the Korilakkumas the most haha. I think I give a lot more attention to Rilakkuma, and if I can only get one character from a release, I usually only choose the Rilakkuma haha.

  4. Wow I like them but hmm this will have to be a see in person kind of thing, because they’re not as cute as I thought, I was hoping for a full horse costume. I wonder what kind of other products they’ll be releasing with this line. Maybe a cute caravan. There were truly lots of animals this year!

    Yay I can’t wait to see your scarf. He he I don’t think you’re so young we’re almost the same age ;)

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  6. Omg, everyone is younger than me! I feel like an old lady T______T

    I’m not crazy about those designs. They look a little weird and Kiiroitori’s costume looks like it’s too big and baggy on him. I think Korilakuma looks the best out of the group.

    • Yeah, I’m actually not to crazy about them either, but since it’s my zodiac year, I kinda feel obligated hahaha. Plus, it’s a pretty low stress purchase since international stores usually get stock, so I won’t feel like I’m breaking the bank with these guys – I hope they come out with a second design like Ariel mentioned, I’d definitely drop my money on that!

    • Hi! If you scroll down to the “Singapore” section of the international carriers list, you should be able to find some local stores: I’m not sure how often San-X updates this list, so definitely call and double-check with the store to make sure they will carry it and when before you go! The international (non-Japan) stores usually get plushies a few weeks/months after the Japanese stores, so you may have to wait a little for them to be sold in your country.

      Happy Rilakkuma shopping :)

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