Stripes Stripes Everyday Rilakkuma Plushie!

Not cold enough for penguins where I am right now, but I finally got my hands on a cute new Penguin Rilakkuma plushie!

Stripes Stripes Everyday - full

Hope you’re enjoying the warm weather, penguin Rilakkuma!

Stripes Stripes Everyday - penguin detail

The penguin face kind of reminds me of the Tamago Series!

Stripes Stripes Everyday Series - tag art

Tag art! Love the little striped booties they’re wearing!

This arctic delight is part of the Stripes Stripes Everyday Series, released in March 2014. His penguin suit is technically fully removable, but seeing as the only opening is the face hole, I wouldn’t recommend it haha.

The stripeless penguin outfit for the Stripes series is still somewhat of a mystery for me haha but I’m not complaining – this is one of my favorite Rilakkuma animal outfits yet!

Elsewhere across the ocean – anyone a fan of MTV? San-X hosted a Secret Room at this year’s MTV Movie Awards!

Guests at the MTV Movie Awards were about to stop by the booth for free stuff and learn about Rilakkuma – WOW! It would be my dream to be in one of those booths! I hope a San-X Rilakkuma event comes to Florida one day! :D

Check out this interview, too!

I want to meet Rilakkuma!

But speaking of Rilakkuma in Florida…

I went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando, and I discovered:

Universal Studios - Rilakkuma Round One Crane

The only Rilakkumas I’ve seen in Florida other than my own!

A Round One Rilakkuma crane game!

It was at the front of the arcade at the Marvel Super Hero Island, and a ton of people were trying to win a bear – it definitely drew a crowd! Someone got really close to winning a Korilakkuma, and I was so happy to see Rilakkuma being so popular :D

Thought it was kind of interesting that the Round One plushies here in the US have tags piercing the ear, but I think that’s been somewhat of a common thing in the licensed Rilakkumas these days.

In other news, spice up your automobile with these Rilakkuma hubcaps from MLJ!

MLJ - Rilakkuma hubcap silver

What a beautiful Rilakkuma hubcap!

MLJ - Rilakkuma hubcap white and valve cap

Hubcaps also come in white, and both colors come with a sneaky-cute Rilakkuma valve cap!

Wish I could get these for my car hehehe – I definitely appreciate how Rilakkuma is expanding to all types of different merchandise now (I wonder what’s next!). These hubcaps cost a pretty penny at 15000  and 17000 but they certainly look spectacular!

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring!

8 thoughts on “Stripes Stripes Everyday Rilakkuma Plushie!

  1. Absolutely adorable! I’m getting this one soon in the mail, and I’m very excited. It looks so cute in its little suit :)

    Haha, god forbid I ever come across a Rilakkuma crane. I have a bit of a problem with cranes, I tend to go kinda crazy with them. Add Rilakkuma to the equation, and well…:p

    Glad to see your collection continue to grow :D

    • Ooooh can’t wait to see yours too!! :) This series is definitely one of my favorites (penguins are so cute!).

      I really had to restrain myself with the Rilakkuma crane! I was so excited to finally see Rilakkumas in Florida but then I saw about 5 people in row lose and then reality hit me haha. I saw a few UFO machines in Japan that look a little more doable since the crane is sturdier – maybe I’ll have to try my hand at those sometime!

  2. Aww your penguin is so cute! Yeah I get what you mean maybe the Egg series vibes come across because they’re both birds XD That’s pretty exciting for Rilakkuma to be at such an event. Looks like San-X has big plans for America. That’s really cool you found Rilakkuma in Florida. I never understand the difference in tags when it travels outside of Japan. Maybe they saw the beanie babies tags and thought we prefer it on the ear….!? I hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy your lovely weather. It’s been raining a lot over here.

    • I don’t really understand the tag thing on the ear either!! Seems like a lot of effort to poke through a huge round ear like that instead of just looping around the little fabric tag by the leg haha. And lmao I totally remember the beanie baby trend ahaha my family had so many! I think they’re all sitting around in my room at my parent’s house still haha.

      It’s raining on and off here too (April showers?), we’ll have a few really beautiful days of perfect skies and temperature, and then randomly get days that are cold, grey, and thunderstorming. So unpredictable, but I guess it’s rather typical of Florida haha

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