2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma & the Indifferent Snowperson strikes again!

So it’s a little past scarf season here, but this is relevant to current events, I swear!

Introducing: 2013 Christmas Fashion Korilakkuma!

2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma - full

Welcome to the family!

2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma - hat detail

A festive party hat for Korilakkuma! And not her first red hat, either.

2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma - tag art

Tag art! Seems like a huge stocking might be warmer than the scarf she’s got on haha

2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma - family

A white winter family!

So stylish! This cute Korilakkuma was released by Fansclub for the Christmas season in October 2013!

Gigantic thank you to Trinie again for this beautiful plushie! This lovely Korilakkuma will join the ranks of my slowly growing winter/Christmas collection – I love her!!

Elsewhere, the Indifferent Snowperson (ISP) from the Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive Playset makes another appearance in the Tokyo Skytree 2nd Anniversary Series!

Tokyo Skytree 2nd Anniversary - ad

Peek-a-boo! I see you, ISP!

This cute set is prepared for any type of weather! Korilakkuma’s umbrella is really quite swell, but kind of sad she’s not covered up in a raincoat like the rest of them.

I really love how ISP has made an appearance in this series, just like the Sendai 1st Anniversary series! I don’t really understand why ISP is in this series, but I’m not complaining haha (ETA: reader nicolinamarina notes that with the appearance + the combo with the umbrella and rain ponchos, that ISP might be used here as teru teru bozu! Great catch!)

Each of these plushies is a cool 1,300, and will be released on May 22 – hey, that’s the day before my final exam!

Also as a sidenote, there are a few Sweet Happy Rilakkuma events going on across the Rilakkuma Stores in Japan too, featuring special editions coasters and photo sessions at select locations!

And finally, inspired by Ariel’s post – I hope everyone is enjoying cherry blossom season, it’s so beautiful! Here are some of my favorite Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr photos from last year:

Rilakkuma Lifestyle - Psychadelic Rilakkuma

Happy spring!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle - Cherry Blossoms 1

I have this one in blanket form, too!

We don’t have too many cherry blossom trees down here in Florida, but with the weather being nice again, I’m inspired to do another outdoor Rilakkuma photoshoot too! :D

15 thoughts on “2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma & the Indifferent Snowperson strikes again!

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  2. I really love your spring time photos! Oh what a lovely new addition to your collection, Korilakkuma fits right in. I’m excited about the new Sky Tree releases but I wish the Pins would go back to the way they use to be.

    • Thanks!! The Skytree release is really cute, though I wonder what the new overarching anniversary theme will be after these miniplushies (or will they keep on with the miniplushies?) – I can’t wait to see!

      • Wow,very nice Faith! I love how you are blending all of the bears that sent you into you San x family. I love it and am so touched. You are sooo very welcome. I just finally replied your email from awhile ago. So sorry for the late response and have more goodies to send you so be prepared.

        By the way, what are Kobears? Do you mean Korillakuma? I am opposite of you that I have more Korillakuma but am getting more Rilakkuma and Kiioritori lately too. I tend to go for the style/design mire rather than which character. But a lot of tines,Korillakuma has the best design yoyo me which is why I tend to go for it more. However, lately I am seeing that Rilakkuma and Kiiortori have cute designs too.

        • Yes, thank you so so much! I am really grateful for everything you’ve sent :)

          Haha Simon and I call Korilakkumas “Kobears” sometimes just as a nickname hehehe. My shelf is a sea of brown bears, so it’s lovely to integrate all of the bears you’ve sent – they fit in so perfectly! Lately, I think San-X has been focusing a lot on Kiiroitori (especially with the whole series devoted to Kiiroitori, and the addition of Kiiroitori to the Yamanote line) and Rilakkuma – I hope Korilakkuma gets her time to shine in the spotlight soon!

  3. I LOVE the Tokyo Skytree 2nd Anniversary series! It is absolutely adorable!

    Perhaps the snowperson is being used here as a teru teru bozu.

    It does seem like a possibility with the umbrellas and rain ponchos.

    Your Korilakkuma collection is also quite lovely.

    (P.S. I haven’t commented on your blog posts in SUCH a long time. I’ve been a bit busy and distracted, however, I receive updates via email. It’s so wonderful to hear about how well you are doing with school, and to watch your lovely Rilakkuma and Company collection grow!)


    • Oh yeah, you’re right! They do look a lot like teru teru bozu and they certainly fit the theme – great catch! Cute that they decided to use ISP for the design hahaha.

      As always, thanks for following my blog :) :) :)

  4. Hi Rilakkuma Lifestyle! Awww those Christmas Ko’s and the snow person are too cute, I want them now haha! The new Skytree series is too adorable with the sky patterns, it really gives you a cozy feeling, and I’m loving the ponchos! Too bad Ko doesn’t have a cute pink one, but you could bring her along on a rainy day and having matching pink umbrellas together! Your photos are soo cool, I love how you make Rilakkuma’s adventures come alive, i’m always checking up on his next adventure haha, and those pretty cherry blossoms make rilakkuma even more cuter than he already is!!

    • Hi!! Thanks for checking out my blog :D The ponchos really are super cute and cozy looking, why couldn’t they have given one to Korilakkuma? Though I guess she’s the only one to get an umbrella, so maybe she’s special haha.

      With school and everything, I’ve kind of been behind on posting more photoshoots of Rilakkuma out and about, but with my summer vacation coming up, I’m hoping to do more photoshoots again! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. How cute, I love stuffed animals with scarves, I don’t know why. I don’t have any Ko’s in my collection, haha, it’s a little pricey to buy entire sets, but I plan on splurging when I find a series I really like, also I know some seller sells them in sets, so.

    Also, very nice pictures,Rilakkuma looks very spiring-y :)

    • Hahaha I totally understand, buying whole sets makes the cost triple and I’d rather just get one to start with so I don’t break the bank. In the beginning when I first started collecting, I definitely only bought the brown bears and eventually my family pointed out that there wasn’t a lot of diversity in my collection hahaha – I still mainly have Rilakkumas but I have a handful of Korilakkumas and Kiiroitoris in the bunch now (finally) hehehe.

      Happy spring! :D

  6. Hi,
    I am trying to find a rilakkuma iphone 4 case for the my sister, because shes been begging for about a year now.
    But when I’m searching on Amazon, I just don’t know which one to get. A lot of them are detachable, which I know are fake.
    I know this is late, but please can you help me?
    I really like your blog btw :)

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