Happy birthday to my first Rilakkuma plushie!

It’s been two years since I received my first Rilakkuma plushie (named BD Bear) as a college graduation gift from my family!

BD Bear's 2nd Birthday - full

Happy 2nd birthday, BD bear!

Wow, it’s so wild to think that for the first few months of receiving him, he was the only Rilakkuma plushie in my life! Incredible how things have changed since then!

It’s also Mother’s Day here, so HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the amazing moms out there!!

Just a quick post from me for now, and still lots more plushies for me to Rilakkumas for me to post about, but it’s back to studying for me! 2 weeks until I’m completely done with my first year of medical school!

12 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my first Rilakkuma plushie!

  1. Happy Birthday BD Bear dear!!! I love your cake and so wonderful that all your friends have come to celebrate it with you!! Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to Faith’s Mummy too!!😘

    加油! ( give it your best!!) In your studies Faith!! Really love that pic!! So cute!!

  2. Happy (Belated!) Birthday Day BD Bear!! :) I hope you have another year full of cuteness and happiness! All my Kumas wish you a happy b day too hehe! Good luck on your studies!

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