Lawson Vegetable Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori Plushies! Cat Series LEAK + Space Rilakkuma Caravan news and more!

Have you been eating healthy lately? Well if you need a little health food inspiration, check out these Vegetable Rilakkuma plushies!

Lawson Vegetable Series - full

So cute in their own produce crates!! Dang, it’s good to see Korilakkuma in a pair of shorts – usually it’s Rilakkuma hahaha.

Lawson Vegetable Series - top view

Wheee look how adorable Rilakkuma’s little carrot shoes are!! :D

Lawson Vegetable Series - Kii detail

Along with holding the vegetable they’re dressed as, they are also accompanied by an additional veggie in the crate that’s another costume in the series: cabbage for Rilakkuma, tomato for Korilakkuma, and carrot for Kiiroitori!

Lawson Vegetable Series - tag art

Tag art that mimics produce price tags! Each tag has the portrait of the character, and the veggie! These tags are held by a standard plastic tag ring in the back corner of the crate.

I really love them! They’re so great in their little produce boxes, and they certainly make me hungry just looking at them mmmmm

This healthy set of bears is part of the Lawson x Rilakkuma Vegetable Series released March 2014 – the complete set includes another 3 plushies: Rilakkuma cabbage, Korilakkuma tomato, and Kiiroitori green pepper – yum!

Also exciting news rolling in about the next leaked series after the Space Series, it’s the Cat Series!

Cat Series - ad standard

Roar!! Rilakkuma looks a lot like the Year of the Tiger series from 2010! And Kiiroitori is a Calico cat – did you know all Calico cats are female?

Cat Series - ad special

And look at these alternative designs – bears as cats you can fit in the palm of your hand, and ones big enough to hug!

Cat Series - ad illustration

And of course, a beautiful illustration to go with the products! I love the little non-costumed kitty they’re with, too!

Cat Series - taiyaki ad

Yum!! Looks like Cat Rilakkuma loves taiyaki!

Meow what a cool concept! Looks like San-X is sticking to animal suits for their fall series as they’ve been doing for the past few years. No official dates yet, but I would estimate October based on the pattern of previous years? San-X usually gives us 3 months to recuperate after the yearly July wave haha. I’ll keep you updated when San-X starts to release official news updates!

Thanks so much to reader Jennifer for the tip!! I’m actually pretty severely allergic to cats, so it’s probably fitting that the main cat I’d be able to interact with in person is a Rilakkuma cat hahaha.

And since it looks like Cat Rilakkuma loves to eat taiyaki (鯛焼き), a Japanese sea bream-shaped pastry dessert with yummy filling, we’d probably make fast friends! From the looks of it, Rilakkuma likes the chocolate-filled ones, just like me hehehe. I’ll probably try to pick up at least one item from this series, and I’m hoping one of the caravan or store exclusive plushies features taiyaki!! :)

Well, the Rilakkuma rains don’t show signs of stopping haha, as even more waves of news follow the Space Rilakkuma announcement from last week! Check out the Space Rilakkuma Caravan design!

Space Rilakkuma Caravan - ad

Whoa, that lining is out of this world! ;)

How special! Rilakkuma’s pose reminds me a lot of the Skytree set from 2012! And super lovely touch that Rilakkuma is holding the same plush bear planet that the costume bearsuits in the caravan will be holding as well!

This cosmic caravan will be going from July 12 to August 31 in various locations all across Japan, and this caravan exclusive plushie will be 1,780円.

Out of the blue, San-X also announced a mobile site exclusive Happy Natural Time playset!

Happy Natural Time Mobile Site Exclusive Playset - ad

Wow, look at all the different pies!

Whaaaat – ! I totally would’ve gotten this set if it were released with the rest of the Happy Natural Time series last year! They do look so cute eating their pies haha.

The whole set is 6,800円 – dang, bad timing for me with all of the other releases going on now, but maybe I’ll try looking for it again when the July buzz dies down a little.

And finally, to come full circle with the food theme I began this post with, San-X also released more merchandise with the Purple Yam and Green Bean pattern!

Green Bean and Purple Yam Pattern - ad

Perfect colors for the summer!

Yum! Recall that the first iteration of this purple yam and green bean pattern was back in May, and featured fans and smartphone cleaners – glad to see they expanded it into pouches and kitchenware! A pretty fitting application for this pattern, I think!

Importantly, haha, it’s great to see that Rilakkuma eats a balanced diet with lots of vegatables! Who knew Rilakkuma could become my food inspiration hahaha

15 thoughts on “Lawson Vegetable Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori Plushies! Cat Series LEAK + Space Rilakkuma Caravan news and more!

  1. SO MANY Rilakkuma news lately! Definitely makes up for the lack of it the past couple of months. I am so excited for the Cat Series, haha sorry about your allergies, but Cat Rilakkuma is plenty adorable to have in company.

    Also yay! I’m glad you finally got the Lawson Veggie plushies! They’re so cute, my favorite is the Eggplant Ko. The purple is so nice :)

  2. Love the term Elongkuma Simon!!😄 But yes! I love the Elongkumas cats too!
    Oh wow!! So happy that you managed to get the carrot, egg plant and onions!😍It was really challenging to find the carrot and I had to contend with cabbage and green pepper.😜 But I totally agree with you that the lawson crates look great together!!😊

    • Yeah, I had to wait a long time to get my hands on the carrot Rilakkuma! So great that you have the cabbage and green pepper hehehe we could start a Rilakkuma vegetable garden together hahaha!

  3. With so much news leak from San-X lately, it’s pretty overwhelming >.<! Am looking forward to the space series! The cat suits are a must have too! They all look so fluffy and adorable !! 😍
    It's good to know that Rilakkuma has a healthy diet, he should be a food ambassador too!

  4. Wow I am in love with the Cat series and might just buy everything from it too XD The big cat plushies are amazing! I hope it doesn’t come out sooner because I’ll need those 3 months just to save up, it’ll be a big month! They’re just so cute and I like taiyaki too~ Your new plushies are so cute, I passed on the Carrot Rilakkuma but after seeing your pictures I might have to get him someday XD I like their tags too.

    It’s so weird they announced that HNT play set way after the release, but the caravan is so exciting! Thanks for all the news :D

    • The cat series really adorable!! I’m sure your kitty would appreciate a kitty Rilakkuma too hehehe. I want to get at least one thing from the Cat Series so I’ll have to save too (what’s new haha).

      The HNT playset release is strange for a lot of reasons haha. Like why now? and I think the mobile store is only accessible through Android? Funny to me because as an Andriod user in the US, so I guess I could attempt to navigate the site, but the plush itself is still a bit out of my price range at the moment, esp in the midst of July. So close, but yet so far haha.

    • I feel the same way! I’m more of a dog person by default since I’m not allergic to them like I am with cats haha, but even I can awwww a million times at snuggly little cat Rilakkuma haha

  5. /silently screeching
    The Cat set is soooo adorable I cannot handle the cute!! Thank you so much for sharing these scans, am definitely getting most of the series! Am also digging the edamame and yam print coin pouches too!

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