New! Tower Records x Rilakkuma Summer 2014!

Well, seeing as the Tower Records collaborations come out around the same time every year, I shouldn’t be surprised anymore but WOW check out the new Tower Records x Rilakkuma collaboration for summer 2014!

Tower Records x Rilakkuma 2014 - cover

Oooh it’s 70’s roller disco themed!

Tower Records x Rilakkuma 2014 - standard plushies

Check out their fabulous outfits!

Tower Records x Rilakkuma 2014 - playset and keychains

Just like last year, there’s a playset featuring all 3 performing together on a bear-shaped stage! Looks like Rilakkuma only has one wheel per skate though haha maybe that’s why he’s too tired to stand.

Tower Records x Rilakkuma 2014 - cafe

In commemoration of this collaboration, Tower Records Café will also be offering a super cute Rilakkuma menu, unique products from the Rilakkuma Factory series, and a song book!

Wow, what a glam theme! I love the bright colors and outfits – I think San-X has really been showing their creativity this year! Such an interesting design choice to put Kiiroitori on a skateboard instead hehehe

The playset looks really lovely, and I appreciate that they’re continuing the “bear band” theme from last year! I wonder what they’ll think of next!

This flashy set will be released on July 10… because there just weren’t enough July Rilakkuma releases for us to juggle, right? Hahaha

My family will be taking a trip to Charleston, SC over the next week – I’m trying to enjoy every last vacation moment I have with my family!

I’ll be back soon though, still have lots of incredible plushies to share with all of you! Hopefully I’ll be able to take some photos of Rilakkuma in Charleston, too :) Until then, take care, and let me know what you think about this new design!

4 thoughts on “New! Tower Records x Rilakkuma Summer 2014!

  1. Wow this is amazing to see the new series for this year! Yay it’s really cute too, and another play set! Ugh my money is going to be streched so far in July…I love this 70s so much so this is definitely going to be added to my collection if possible. Have a great and safe vacation. I’ve never been to SC but I look forward to seeing some pictures *wink wink*.

    • I agree! I’m such a sucker for playsets, and this year’s theme is really such a great take on an iconic era in music history – and I love the idea that Rilakkuma and friends are musicians, such a cool aspect of their personalities.

      I’ll try to shoot some photos! It’s Rilakkuma’s vacation too haha.

  2. I think that the Tower Records Cafe stuff are really cool. The food is super cute!! Have a fun and enjoyable trip Faith!! Share with us your Rilakkuma photos taken at Charleston!!😊

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