Strawberry Series Rilakkuma Plushie – Caravan Edition! + Rilakkuma sales + New! Cat Series Sneak Peek!

中秋節快樂! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

To celebrate the beautiful harvest moon, check out this blast from the past: Strawberry Series Caravan Rilakkuma!

Strawberry Series Caravan - full

As side-facing Rilakkuma just like the recent Space Series Kiddyland Exclusive and Caravan Exclusive!

Strawberry Series Caravan - strawberry detail

Super cute strawberry blossom on the straw-bear-ry!

Strawberry Series Caravan - tag art

Tag art! Rilakkuma clinging to a suspiciously non-bear-shaped strawberry.

Yum! I feel like I can never say no to a strawbear! I love the simplicity of this design :)

This bear was the Caravan Exclusive design for the Strawberry Series that came out in February 2009 – wow!

Totally an impulse buy, and such a steal! I usually browse through the Rilakkuma auctions on Yahoo Japan for stress relief haha, and grabbed this guy for just 500円 – that’s less than $5 USD!

Speaking of buying, there are a couple of sales going on in the Rilakkuma fan community!

Sale - Ane

For sale by Ane!

For Rilakkuma fans in the United States, Ane is selling:

  • Staying Up Late (夜ふかし) Rilakkuma (with tag) and Kiiroitori (without tag), both in good condition, originally released October 2009. Discounts available if both are purchased together.
  • Fansclub Sweets & Sweets Rilakkuma (new with tag), originally released February 2012.
  • Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma keychains for $5-6.

For inquires, please contact Ane at

And furthermore, famed and former Rilakkuma blogger Mary/Moggymawee is selling her ENTIRE Rilakkuma collection!

Sale - moggymawee

All for sale by Mary!

Check out her collection on Facebook – a few of her plushies will be listed on eBay, too!

Her collection is super expansive with lots of amazing plushies from throughout the years. All of her plushies have never been played with, and all have their original tags.

If you’re interested, please message Mary at!

Mary was the Rilakkuma blogger who inspired me to start blogging – how exciting that her entire collection is for sale!

My wallet is weak from the summer releases still, but hopefully some of you can take part in this!

In other news: San-X is at the Tokyo International Gift Show! Is that a sneak peak of the upcoming Cat Series I see?

Tokyo Gift Show 2014 - cats

I spy a taiyaki Rilakkuma plushie!

Wow! In addition to a taiyaki Rilakkuma (YAY), I also spy some giant Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori cats, a lounging Rilakkuma with kitten, a kitten Korilakkuma in a box, and Kiiroitori in a sailor’s outfit! What other new designs can you spot?

Looks like there are a lot of great things to come in the up coming year for the Rilakkuma world!

San-X also had a lot of other cool displays at the Gift Show this year:

Tokyo Gift Show 2014 - collabs

A display about their awesome collabs from this year! JAXA, JINS PC, and Rilakkuma’s tribute to Claude Monet’s La Japonaise – beautiful! (I have 2 of these bears!)

Tokyo Gift Show 2014 - transportation

And all of their transportation-themed bears! (I have one from each of these series!)

Fantastic! I love seeing Rilakkuma displays so I can get ideas for my own home display hehehe.

Have you heard about the Hello Kitty convention coming to the US at the end of October? I hope Rilakkuma will get popular enough to have a convention in the US eventually, too!

And finally, in Sumikko Gurashi news, check out this fabulous Sumikko Gurashi Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive!

Sumikko Gurashi Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - full

Whoa! I love red-nosed reindeer Tonkatsu!

Sumikko Gurashi Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - individuals

What a incredibly cute design! Love the little Santa Shirokuma sneaking around hehehe.

Sumikko Gurashi Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - story

Hehehe look at this cute little story!

Couldn’t let Rilakkuma and friends have all the fun this year!

As always, the details are incredible! From the little crane claw in the corner to the pickle in the stocking (I especially love that the home is made of soft bricks), everything is so adorably cute and detailed!

This handsome set is 7,500円. Pre-orders are open from now until September 30, with delivery expected in December.

Haha lots of holiday news recently – do I have to start getting into the holiday mood? It’s still in the 90’s here in Florida, so it still feels like summer!

10 thoughts on “Strawberry Series Rilakkuma Plushie – Caravan Edition! + Rilakkuma sales + New! Cat Series Sneak Peek!

  1. Hi faith,
    Long time no talk! I will email you sometime. Thanks for all your emails and for letting me know that you everything safely.

    Thanks for letting us know about the sales by former San x fans but sadly Mary is selling her stuff for such
    high prices. At those prices, I highly doubt anyone will buy them. I sold a few of mine on eBay too but I never sell for such high prices. If she wants to sell them successfully then she really needs to lower her prices to more reasonable prices. I feel that as San x fans we should never try to rip each other off like that. I paid a lot for many of them but I always sell for prices way lower than what I paid because I feel bad ripping others off. I guess I am too generous so can never do business and would never do business.

  2. Wow!! Your Strawberry Rilakkuma is really cute and at such a good buy. You are so lucky!😊

    The Sumikkogurashi Christmas house is really cute too! All of them dressed up for Christmas. Super Kawaii. Am sure that it will sell very well.😃

    Thank you so much for sharing that nice pic with all the Rilakkuma Cat series stuff. I was trying my best too to see what would be released for this series. I love the Rilakkuma holding on to the taiyaki too and so cute, Rilakkuma resting with a mini kitty on his tummy!😍

    • I was tracking this strawberry bear for a while and I couldn’t believe no one bid on it!

      And YAYYY its so exciting to get a little sneak peek of what’s in store for the Cat Series hehe – I’m so impatient! Can’t wait to see what everyone ends up getting, too :D

  3. Rila looks like he really likes that strawberry, he doesn’t want to let go! And an amazing steal for $5!

    It’s so sad that Mary is selling her collection T____T but she has a lot of rare ones too! I’ve already e-mailed her asking about some of them.

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I saw the Sumikko Gurashi Christmas playset but at $75 I’m having second thoughts…BUT IT’S SO CUTE!!! Aaaaaaaaah T_____T I wonder if they’re going to release a separate Christmas line for Sumikko, that’d be amazing.

    • Yeah, the special Christmas sets are always so pricey T^T I thought the Rilakkuma advent calendar was so cute, but at 18000 yen, I couldn’t do it – I could potentially buy 10 separate bears with that money! But the Sumikko Gurashi set looks super cute this year, and this is the first time they’ve done it (I think)? Wah why are the Net Shop Exclusives always so cute but pricey??

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