Strawberry Series Rilakkuma Plushie – Caravan Edition! + Rilakkuma sales + New! Cat Series Sneak Peek!

中秋節快樂! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

To celebrate the beautiful harvest moon, check out this blast from the past: Strawberry Series Caravan Rilakkuma!

Strawberry Series Caravan - full

As side-facing Rilakkuma just like the recent Space Series Kiddyland Exclusive and Caravan Exclusive!

Strawberry Series Caravan - strawberry detail

Super cute strawberry blossom on the straw-bear-ry!

Strawberry Series Caravan - tag art

Tag art! Rilakkuma clinging to a suspiciously non-bear-shaped strawberry.

Yum! I feel like I can never say no to a strawbear! I love the simplicity of this design :)

This bear was the Caravan Exclusive design for the Strawberry Series that came out in February 2009 – wow!

Totally an impulse buy, and such a steal! I usually browse through the Rilakkuma auctions on Yahoo Japan for stress relief haha, and grabbed this guy for just 500円 – that’s less than $5 USD!

Speaking of buying, there are a couple of sales going on in the Rilakkuma fan community!

Sale - Ane

For sale by Ane!

For Rilakkuma fans in the United States, Ane is selling:

  • Staying Up Late (夜ふかし) Rilakkuma (with tag) and Kiiroitori (without tag), both in good condition, originally released October 2009. Discounts available if both are purchased together.
  • Fansclub Sweets & Sweets Rilakkuma (new with tag), originally released February 2012.
  • Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma keychains for $5-6.

For inquires, please contact Ane at

And furthermore, famed and former Rilakkuma blogger Mary/Moggymawee is selling her ENTIRE Rilakkuma collection!

Sale - moggymawee

All for sale by Mary!

Check out her collection on Facebook – a few of her plushies will be listed on eBay, too!

Her collection is super expansive with lots of amazing plushies from throughout the years. All of her plushies have never been played with, and all have their original tags.

If you’re interested, please message Mary at!

Mary was the Rilakkuma blogger who inspired me to start blogging – how exciting that her entire collection is for sale!

My wallet is weak from the summer releases still, but hopefully some of you can take part in this!

In other news: San-X is at the Tokyo International Gift Show! Is that a sneak peak of the upcoming Cat Series I see?

Tokyo Gift Show 2014 - cats

I spy a taiyaki Rilakkuma plushie!

Wow! In addition to a taiyaki Rilakkuma (YAY), I also spy some giant Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori cats, a lounging Rilakkuma with kitten, a kitten Korilakkuma in a box, and Kiiroitori in a sailor’s outfit! What other new designs can you spot?

Looks like there are a lot of great things to come in the up coming year for the Rilakkuma world!

San-X also had a lot of other cool displays at the Gift Show this year:

Tokyo Gift Show 2014 - collabs

A display about their awesome collabs from this year! JAXA, JINS PC, and Rilakkuma’s tribute to Claude Monet’s La Japonaise – beautiful! (I have 2 of these bears!)

Tokyo Gift Show 2014 - transportation

And all of their transportation-themed bears! (I have one from each of these series!)

Fantastic! I love seeing Rilakkuma displays so I can get ideas for my own home display hehehe.

Have you heard about the Hello Kitty convention coming to the US at the end of October? I hope Rilakkuma will get popular enough to have a convention in the US eventually, too!

And finally, in Sumikko Gurashi news, check out this fabulous Sumikko Gurashi Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive!

Sumikko Gurashi Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - full

Whoa! I love red-nosed reindeer Tonkatsu!

Sumikko Gurashi Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - individuals

What a incredibly cute design! Love the little Santa Shirokuma sneaking around hehehe.

Sumikko Gurashi Christmas 2014 Net Shop Exclusive - story

Hehehe look at this cute little story!

Couldn’t let Rilakkuma and friends have all the fun this year!

As always, the details are incredible! From the little crane claw in the corner to the pickle in the stocking (I especially love that the home is made of soft bricks), everything is so adorably cute and detailed!

This handsome set is 7,500円. Pre-orders are open from now until September 30, with delivery expected in December.

Haha lots of holiday news recently – do I have to start getting into the holiday mood? It’s still in the 90’s here in Florida, so it still feels like summer!

Cupcake Rilakkuma Plushie!

Got a sweet tooth? Then you have to check out this Cupcake Rilakkuma!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - full

What a dainty cupcake bear!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - ear detail

The ears are my favorite detail: the change from the normal circular yellow ears to this pattern is really exquisite, and I love the sprinkles, too!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - back

“Rilakkuma” beautifully embroidered in gold in the back!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - tag art

And a perfectly pretty tag to match!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - with Sweets&Sweets Rilakkuma

Perfect pair: Cupcake Rilakkuma with the Cupcake King Sweets & Sweets Rilakkuma!

Adorable! This plushie is so special to me because he’s a deviation from the standard bear shape, and has such a unique and interesting shiny fabric, too – really breathtaking for me!

Also, this bear-cake is my first plushie from the Sweets Series from December 2009! What a cool design; I hope San-X will introduce more interesting bear shapes in the future like this one and the Mushroom Rilakkuma from the Forest Series Net Shop Exclusive.

Cupcakes are one of my favorite foods – he makes me so hungry! This plushie joins a long legacy of food Rilakkumas in my collection :D

Huge thanks to Trinie for this sugary-sweet Rilakkuma! What a wonderfully cute cupcake bear :D Wow – he really is a special plushie!

Hungry for more? Check out this Rilakkuma tofu box set!

Rilakkuma Tofu - Summer 2014

Ooooh, it’s “I Love Rilakkuma” themed!

Rilakkuma Tofu - shapes

Comes with 3 kuma face shapes, and one Kiiroitori face! I wonder what flavor sauce is on that Kiiroitori…

Rilakkuma Tofu - box uses

After you’re all done with the tofu, you can keep the box as a collector’s item – ingenious!

Handy! This clever tofu set is produced by Satonoyuki (さとの雪), which also released a similar Rilakkuma tofu product around the same time last year – no commemorative box back then though.

I think the box is a really smart marketing idea because I am a huge sucker for collectable items like those – seems like a great box to keep all of my smaller, non-plushie Rilakkuma items (like pins, finger puppets, and pizza cutters) safe!

Rilakkuma never struck me as a tofu-loving kind of bear, but I guess he eats all sorts of things haha. Tofu is also one of my favorite foods… though I think my list of favorite foods is rather long haha. What kind of food would you like to see as a Rilakkuma theme?

ETA (6/6/14): AHHHH the Space Rilakkuma Series has been announced and I’m out of town! I’ll post about it when I get back on Sunday but WAAOOOWW what a release!

Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store Opening Plushie!

Since things are kind of quiet on the Rilakkuma plushie front recently (well, except for the Yamanote release), I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at the older series on the Japanese auctions!

After compiling my Rilakkuma Reference Sheet, I was so excited to see and recognize so many of the plushies up for bid! It’s so exhilarating to recognize really old series and rare finds!

So check out my newest addition: the Rilakkuma Strawberry Car!

Tokyo Station Opening - full

The cars are all separate plushies, and can be connected into one big car by little snaps!

Tokyo Station 1st Anniversary - Kiiroitori

Kiiroitori leads the way with a Rilakkuma steering wheel!

Tokyo Station Opening - Korilakkuma

Kiiroitori and Korilakkuma’s seats are lined with pink satin.

Tokyo Station Opening - full

Rilakkuma doesn’t sit in a seat, but just kinda lays on top of the caboose.

Tokyo Station Opening - box

They also came in this wacky but somewhat appropriate Kumamon box that shows different faces of Kumamon (mascot of the Kumamoto prefecture, not the Digimon) depending on which flap is showing.

This plushie came out in February 20, 2009 – at the opening of the 2nd ever Rilakkuma Store at Tokyo Station, which also happens to be the first Rilakkuma Store I’ve ever been to :D

This release coincided with the Rilakkuma theme at the time, the Strawberry Series.

I find this set so interesting since this was one of the earliest Rilakkuma Store-specific plushies! It’s so wild that there have been six new Rilakkuma Stores that have appeared since this plushie came out. As of right now, this is my oldest plushie!!

Also, since my entire family was together the other week, we snapped a Rilakkuma family reunion photo:

Rilakkuma Family Reunion

It seems like there are so many when they’re pulled out of their boxes!

Though I JUST got another shipment sooo… haha this isn’t even the most updated family portrait, but it’s as good as it’ll get!

Wow, I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a year since I started collecting!

Rilakkuma Store Clerk Plushie!

Working through my Japan haul slowly but surely…

This Rilakkuma is a Rilakkuma Store employee!

Rilakkuma Store Clerk - full


Rilakkuma Store Clerk - apron

His lovely apron with the Rilakkuma Store logo!

Rilakkuma Store Clerk - back

He’s even got a leather tag hanging from his zipper! Also, you can see that his apron is lined with a nice brown and white polka dot fabric from this angle, too!

He was a Rilakkuma Store exclusive first released way back in September of 2009! He holds a special place in my heart because he reminds me of all my adventures in Japan, running around finding Rilakkuma Stores :D

Continuing the second half post theme of “Rilakkuma products my dad bought”, check out this Rilakkuma riding a banana!

Bananas are my dad’s favorite food!

Tokyo Rilakkuma - banana

I wish I had plushie version of this!

In a previous post, I mentioned that my Nara Rilakkuma is part of an HNA series the produces special Rilakkumas for each prefecture in Japan – this Rilakkuma is part of the same collection, except this one is from the Kantō region line, representing Tokyo!

I guess Tokyo is known for their bananas?

The only thing I could really find out about bananas is Tokyo is the company Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈), which makes tasty banana cream-filled sponge cakes.

My family bought a few while we were in Tokyo. They’re pretty good, and apparently they’re the #1 best-selling souvenir! Is this Rilakkuma really referring to this banana cream cake company? Googling “tokyo” + “banana” and there are just pages and pages about this company alone!

Tokyo Banana - display

It’s a really cute concept: the regular banana cream only ones are a solid yellow, and they use animal print to represent additional flavors. This giraffe-print one is filled with banana caramel custard cream! There’s also leopard spots (chocolate), and tabby cat stripes (caramel).

Anyway, I also found out there are banana vending machines around Tokyo, so maybe that has something to do with it, too haha.

In other news, I’ve been playing that daily Rilakkuma raffle that Ariel posted about earlier and won another background, Rilakkuma Meets Honey theme this time! I think I’ll play every day haha