New! Rilakkuma x Hankyu Railway + Rilakkuma x Lawson Lemon Series playset!

Quick update: more train bears! WOW – Rilakkuma is partnering with Hankyu Railway!

Rilakkuma x Hankyu - full

Rilakkuma x Hankyu (リラックマ×阪急電車) stationmaster plushie: 2052円.

Definitely a “must get” for me! My family took the Hankyu Railway (阪急電車) when we were visiting Kyoto and Osaka 2 years ago (wow, doesn’t time fly?). This amazing collaboration comes out April 2 at the Umeda Rilakkuma Store, and April 9 at other stores (see the official press release for more details).

So awesome, and I’m sure my other transportation bears (Yamanote Line, Shinkansen, and Dr. Yellow) are looking forward to meeting this Hankyu Rilakkuma, too! I love these collaborations!!

Also, check out this Lawson x Rilakkuma Fresh Lemon Series plush playset!

Rilakkuma x Lawson Fresh Lemon Series - full

Where can I get a sleeping bag like that! Playset: 4212円.

Wow, a lemon sleeping bag!! Very, very adorable – of course Rilakkuma and friends could make something as sour as a lemon look sweet! Pre-orders are open now, and this snug plush playset is planned to be officially released on July 2!

Okay back to studying for me!! Let me know what Rilakkuma items you have your eye on!

14 thoughts on “New! Rilakkuma x Hankyu Railway + Rilakkuma x Lawson Lemon Series playset!

  1. I definitely have my eye on the Lawson Lemon Playset! I already pre-ordered the standard Lemon Plush but Lawson’s playsets always tempt me haha. Hopefully I can save up some to get this one, but I always worry about skipping pre-orders and waiting too long because it’s either unable to be found anywhere or the prices are sky high.

    • Ah, I am always so indecisive about the Lawson playsets, but then when the pre-orders pass, I always regret not getting them earlier haha. I still can’t decide which plush from the lemon series I want yet!! I love the standard line, but I’m debating between that and the playset right now… hmm…

  2. Wow have you considered that the kumas might have their eyes closed because it is s-s-sss-so SOUR?!
    Their paws are up too like — wow! so sour :)

  3. This is great news, am visiting the Kansai area around that time so I’m definitely not passing up on getting the Hankyu collab from the Umeda store itself *v* The uniform is gorgeous~

  4. I love the hankyu series, I often take hankyu to kyoto! Loop line next please San-x – it runs outside my apartment! :) Thanks for the links to the hankyu I saw the promo pic but not the goods pic x

    • So cool!! These collaborations and plushies really are some of my favorites, they all remind me of the amazing sights I’ve seen in Japan. Can’t wait to see their future collaboration plushies too :D :D :D

      • Queued for 50mins at the Hankyu pop up store yday but got my rilakkuma goods :) hope you can get yours soon too! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Osaka Loop Line collab as I live right by the line!x

  5. I LOVE the lemon series! I’m seriously holding back on buying the line, which has never happened to me before, especially for Rilakkuma goods. There’s just something so fresh and bright about the whole series, it’d definitely make me happier seeing those goodies!

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