Valentines 2015 Rilakkuma Plushies!

Hello! Quick update again: I’m in the midst of studying for my first national board exam called USMLE Step 1. I am basically holed up all day in my apartment doing practice questions from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep – ah! So very, very sorry for the lack of updates and contact, hopefully can get more active in May after my big test! Medical school is no joke!

But there is always time for Rilakkuma!! Check out the amazingly cute Valentines 2015 Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma!

Valentines 2015 Series - full

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

Valentines 2015 Series - Rilakkuma detail

Each bear is holding a bouquet of hearts, and there’s a little hidden Rilakkuma in there, too!

Valentines 2015 Series - Korilakkuma detail

Korilakkuma’s heart bouquet has a different, pinker color scheme that matches her! A cute set of hearts of all different textures!

Valentines 2015 Series - solid tag

One of the coolest details about this series is that they come with these super cute sturdy tags that say “I love Rilakkuma” on them! And my favorite detail is that the hole in the “e” is a bear shape!

Valentines 2015 Series - tag art

And of course, the come with regular tags, too! I wonder what color heart Kiiroitori’s tag is?

I love their bouquet of hearts! I think I’d prefer a bouquet of hearts over a bouquet of flowers (I’m allergic to most flowers haha).

These lovely Rilakkuma plushies were from the Rilakkuma Store Exclusive Valentines Day 2015 release!

These were a gift from my favorite Rilakkuma artist (hehehe) Simon! Thank you so much, these plushies really fill me with love :D

Also, my awesome aunt Lulu was able to get me an awesome Rilakkuma haul from Japan!

Lemon Series haul

Lemony fresh!

They’re waiting for me in the Philippines!

Two lovely Lemon Series (February 2015) Rilakkumas, one from the standard line, and another from the Rilakkuma Store Exclusive line – plus the cute stationary! Awesome! And a super cute Mochi Series (February 2015) Rilakkuma too! Also two Factory Rilakkumas hehehe but those are for her and my sister (I already have one!).

What’s new with everyone? Have you seen this bake-riffic Kobe 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma?

Kobe Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary - cover

Coming out April 17, for 1580円 each! Looks tasty, and I love the bear-shaped buttons!

SO CUTE! And what about the amazing new Rilakkuma Store Plus Sumikko Gurashi Shop opening in Fujimi on April 10?

Fujimi Rilakkuma Store Opening - Fujimi exclusive Rilakkuma

Fujimi Store exclusive Rilakkuma plushies featuring Mt. Fuji! 1,900円 each.

Fujimi Rilakkuma Store Opening - Fujimi exclusive Sumikko Gurashi

Fujimi Store exclusive Sumikko Gurashi plushies, 600円 each.

Fujimi Rilakkuma Store Opening - Rilakkuma all

Lemon Series playset available at all Rilakkuma Stores to celebrate the opening – yum! 3,800円.

Fujimi Rilakkuma Store Opening - Sumikko Gurashi all

And a Sumikko Gurashi special plush to celebrate the opening, too! 2,600円.

Really great that Sumikko Gurashi is really rising up, and even getting store space for themselves – woohoo!

Lots of cool things to be excited about! What are you most excited for?

Also everyone should check out Liemzie’s post about getting the Hankyu Rilakkuma at the Osaka pop-up store! So awesome! I already placed my pre-order at Mira Plush, and can’t wait for him to arrive!!

9 thoughts on “Valentines 2015 Rilakkuma Plushies!

  1. Hello Faith!! As always, really enjoyed reading your post and the pics are great!! So happy that Simon bought you the Valentine Rilakkuma. The hearts bouquet is really awesome!! I thought of you when earlier I read about the Hankyu train Rilakkuma. Knew that you would be pretty excited about it!!
    Do study hard, school is like that and I totally understand but your hard work will surely pay off. Just watch!! I hope that Simon is still doing lot’s of drawings? His drawings are always impressive!!😊 Take good care now!! Good luck for the coming exams!!!😘☺️

    • Hi Jennifer!! :D Thanks for reading as always, and for the warm wishes. Studying so much everyday is quite difficult! But it is only hard studying for this month, then after the exam, I will finally have time to relax a little. I wish I had more time to blog and do Rilakkuma photoshoots instead hehehe.

      Simon is studying for the same exam with me, but still finds the time to draw everyday! I will try to encourage him to draw more Rilakkumas hahaha.

      I am so excited for the Hankyu Rilakkuma! I will not see him for a long time, but I can be patient haha. He will be my reward for studying so much haha.

  2. Good luck on your studies! I’m sending you good vibes :)

    I love the hidden kuma shapes in these Valentine’s plushies, it really shows the detail that San-X puts in them. They’re also so lovely and cute.

    What a great haul, sucks you won’t be able to get your hands on them for a while. But the lemon series is adorable, and I’m intrigued by the “lemon fairy” Rilakkuma haha. I’m waiting for my plush from that series to arrive. I also got myself the mochi Rilakkuma plush – it reminded me of tsum tsums so I couldn’t resist.

    Take care :)

    • I love hidden Rilakkumas so much! They remind me of hidden Mickey’s hahaha.

      Yeah, I’ll have to wait a loooooong time for these bears haha. My mom was planning on going this summer (and would’ve been able to pick them up for me), but changed her plans, so now I don’t know when I’ll see them next! Haha oh well, I’ll meet them eventually hahaha.

  3. Good luck on your exam! I’m sure you’re going to do well on them.

    I really like the keychain they’ve added to the plush. It’s so pretty.

    Aaaah, I totally love the new lemon series! There’ just something so colourful about them and they make me thing of summer. I even ordered a few items from that line.

    I’m so happy that they’re making a Sumikko Gurashi store! This means more merch for those characters.

    • I LOVE the Lemon Series too!! I think they did a really great job with the design and color scheme – I’m so impressed!! I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to order from that line, so I’m glad my aunt basically made that decision for me hahaha.

      I’m really happy about the Sumikko Gurashi Store too! It’s awesome that they get their own semi-stand alone area now instead of just being a small section of the Rilakkuma Store. Yay!!

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