Rilakkuma Wallets & Coin Purses!

More additions from the Narita Airport – my mom really went all out!

In addition to the bathtime Rilakkuma plushie, she also got these 3 great Rilakkuma wallets/coin purses!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits front

These two coin purses are from the Let’s Play with Rabbits Series released in December 2012, though Rilakkuma just looks like he usually does.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits zippers

They each have these awesome Rilakkuma zipper pulls!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits lining

And lovely Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma print lining! Again, Korilakkuma is decked out in her bunny suit, and Rilakkuma’s just au naturel.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy front

This wallet was also released in December 2012, but not as part of a major themed series.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy inside

It’s a tri-fold!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy mongram charm

Cute “R” monogram charm!

I think I would have more money to fill these wallets without my Rilakkuma addiction hahaha