Rilakkuma leftovers!

Here are the miscellaneous Rilakkuma things from the big, recent influx that didn’t quite fit in with the other posts but deserve a mention:

Miscellaneous - all

A Rilakkuma cell phone holder, Korilakkuma mug and plushie (most of these are my sister’s).

The blue envelope on the left and the Kiiroitori folder on the right came together, and were a gift to my sister from her generous Japanese friend: they’re part of an ongoing campaign celebrating a whole decade of Rilakkuma!

Each blue envelope has a mini-folder featuring a different Rilakkuma series inside – my sister lucked out and got a great throwback to a series that debuted in August 2005 that was centered around Kiiroitori’s life and activities! Old school Rilakkuma! Looks like Kiiroitori got stuck cleaning up after Rilakkuma’s mess though…

But that’s not all!

Miscellaneous - Korilakkuma mug

A Korilakkuma mug for Simon! The little tail in the back is so cute, but I think it’s kinda funny that Korilakkuma products with this theme are always just labeled “Rilakkuma” haha

Miscellaneous - towels

Hand towels!
Top row: Face theme (April 2009)
Bottom row: “Rilakkuma, Rilakkuma” (August 2012), Aloha Rilakkuma (February 2013), Let’s Play With Bunnies (December 2012)

Whew! All kuma-ed out for the time being.

Let’s Play With Rabbits Series Rilakkuma Plushie!

Released in December 2012, from the Let’s Play With Rabbits Series, it’s Pink Bunny Rilakkuma! Also courtesy of my generous mom’s Asia trip haha

Let's Play With Rabbits Series - full body shot

Already prepared for Easter!

Let's Play With Rabbits Series - pocket and paw detail

His bunny suit has a cute little front pocket, and his paws and feet are padded with fabric with the same texture are Rilakkuma’s regular yellow paws, feet, and ears!

Let's Play With Rabbits Series - lining detail

His suit is lined with soft pink satin, and it’s completely removable! Plus, there are small fluffy fillings that make his ears look longer and more rabbit-like hahaha

When I wrote about this series last year, I didn’t expect to come to own it, but fate had another thing planned, I guess! Glad to have this Energizer bunny Rilakkuma in the ranks!

This series is really quite endearing to me because the campaign illustration features Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma putting bunny ears on everything: from strawberries to Korilakkuma’s own Rilakkuma plushie?? Hahahaha

Let's Play With Rabbits Series - promo image

Bunny strawberry?


Rilakkuma Wallets & Coin Purses!

More additions from the Narita Airport – my mom really went all out!

In addition to the bathtime Rilakkuma plushie, she also got these 3 great Rilakkuma wallets/coin purses!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits front

These two coin purses are from the Let’s Play with Rabbits Series released in December 2012, though Rilakkuma just looks like he usually does.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits zippers

They each have these awesome Rilakkuma zipper pulls!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits lining

And lovely Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma print lining! Again, Korilakkuma is decked out in her bunny suit, and Rilakkuma’s just au naturel.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy front

This wallet was also released in December 2012, but not as part of a major themed series.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy inside

It’s a tri-fold!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy mongram charm

Cute “R” monogram charm!

I think I would have more money to fill these wallets without my Rilakkuma addiction hahaha

Announced: Let’s Play With Rabbits Series!

San-X has announced that they will be releasing a new Rilakkuma series called “Let’s Play With Rabbits!” in December 2012:

Let's Play With Bunnies - Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

They look like Energizer bunnies! Looks like Rilakkuma even gets a little front pocket! The new rabbit ears aren’t too much longer than their existing ears, so it kinda seems like they’re just wearing fuzzy pink pajamas. The animal costumes are always super cute, but when have we seen Rilakkuma as a bunny before?

Year of the Rabbit 2011 - Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Year of the Rabbit Series 2011

Bunnies Series Rilakkuma with removable suit released December 2010. Also, this series has a strawberry motif, and this Rilakkuma has a little embroidered strawberry on his butt hahaha.

Bunnies Series 2007 - Korilakkuma

Korilakkuma has worn another pink bunny costume before back in 2007!

So many bunnies! No complaints here though – these new rabbit plushies look super soft, and San-X always seems to continually improve in quality! The newest edition looks a little fluffier than the previous versions. It’ll be lovely to see these new bunny plushies when they hit the market!