Rilakkuma Wallets & Coin Purses!

More additions from the Narita Airport – my mom really went all out!

In addition to the bathtime Rilakkuma plushie, she also got these 3 great Rilakkuma wallets/coin purses!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits front

These two coin purses are from the Let’s Play with Rabbits Series released in December 2012, though Rilakkuma just looks like he usually does.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits zippers

They each have these awesome Rilakkuma zipper pulls!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Rabbits lining

And lovely Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma print lining! Again, Korilakkuma is decked out in her bunny suit, and Rilakkuma’s just au naturel.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy front

This wallet was also released in December 2012, but not as part of a major themed series.

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy inside

It’s a tri-fold!

Rilakkuma Wallets - Happy mongram charm

Cute “R” monogram charm!

I think I would have more money to fill these wallets without my Rilakkuma addiction hahaha

6 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Wallets & Coin Purses!

    • The wallet is probably gonna get the most mileage from me – though since I don’t carry around so many things, I’m having trouble thinking of what to put in all the compartments haha

  1. Faith!! They are absolutely lovely!! My favourites would have to be the coin purses.. So sweet!!!! As always, I love Rilakkuma!!! For me, I know that if I bought them, I would not want to use them at all!! Hahaha!! Just too cute!!! Really sweet of your mum to get them for you!! Does she like Rilakkuma too??:))

    • Yes, my mom is so thoughtful! She also loves Rilakkuma, but she’s so selfless that she gives all of them to me/my sister haha. But all of the Rilakkuma things are in the same house for now so she can enjoy them too :)

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