Taurus Rilakkuma Plushie!

First up from the 10th Anniversary Zodiac Rilakkuma order is Taurus Rilakkuma!

Taurus (♉) is symbolized by the bull: in Greek mythology, Taurus is connected to Zeus, who disguised himself as a white bull to abduct the Phoenician princess Europa (how rude).

Today, Taurus Rilakkuma is dressed like a little Holstein bull with a bright red collar!

Taurus Rilakkuma - full body shot

Taurus is my sign!

Taurus RIlakkuma - back shot

He has star-shaped spots!

Taurus Rilakkuma - head close-up

I love his little cow ears!

San-X actually released Rilakkuma (and Korilakkuma) in a full cow suit back in 2008. Seems like Rilakkuma appears in a cow outfit every 5 years!