New! Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow!

Back from Charleston, and ready to get back into the (Rilakkuma) swing of things! I hope to post a few of my photos on this blog, once I get around to sorting through the hundreds of takes haha.

In what feels like news to welcome me home, San-X swarms us again with a dashingly cute collaboration with JR (Japan Railway) this summer: Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow!

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - cover art

“Rilakkuma’s ears and Kiiroitori’s body are yellow. The yellow color brings you happiness.”

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - Rilakkuma Store exclusives

Wow! Cheerfully yellow Rilakkuma Store Exclusives (from top left): collectible 22 cm plushie (1,900円), keychain (1,300円), standing plushie (2,100円), and camera strap (2,200円). Standing plushie and camera strap will both be available on the Net Shop as well.


And this time, Rilakkuma even gets to be a Dr. Yellow!! And Kiiroitori gets to play stationmaster. Available at Rilakkuma Stores as well as select locations: Rilakkuma as Dr. Yellow (1,900円) and Kiiroitori (1,900円).

Rilakkuma Meets Dr. Yellow - face close-up

“Ready for my close-up!”

Now this was a collaboration I really didn’t see coming!

Dr. Yellow (ドクターイエロー) is the nickname for the high-speed test trains used on the Japanese Shinkansen (bullet train) – as the name implies, these train cars are “doctors” that help diagnose problems on the track, and sport a beautiful bright yellow! A lovely complement to the lime green theme from last year’s Rilakkuma x Yamanote Line collaboration.

And just like the Yamanote collaboration too, looks like Korilakkuma got left out again :[

Specifically for this collaboration, Rilakkuma represents a Dr. Yellow Class 923, as designated on his shirt and by the blue stripe.

No time to rest for this release y’all – these items and more (such as keyrings, storage boxes, and pens) will be available July 19! There will also be a special commemorative bag, and if you make a purchase over 1,900円, a commemorative sticker, too!

As a future doctor hahaha, I’m actually super drawn to this design, so even though my wallet is already tired from July, I feel like I have to have a bear from this series! But with the three different Rilakkuma designs, I’m having a hard time deciding which to choose! What are your thoughts?