Harajuku 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

Okay haha I know the Harajuku anniversary was way back in June, but I asked my seller to mail me all my Rilakkuma orders in one big box, so I just got them recently!

So happy 1st anniversary, Harajuku Rilakkuma Store! (And happy anniversary to the whole Harajuku Kiddy Land, too!)

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - full

What a delicious looking set of crepes!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - face close-up

Rilakkuma is banana/chocolate/strawberry/cherry flavored, and Korilakkuma is strawberry/cherry! I wonder what Kiiroitori would be if he were included?

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - ear detail

Teehee, they’re even adorned with food by their ears!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - back

One of my favorite details is actually the back, where you can see little bits of the banana slices and strawberries peeking out…

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - banana and strawberry detail

… And WOW, they actually put little seeds on the banana slices even though you can’t even see them unless you pull them out of the crepe pocket! Same with the strawberries – no shortcuts here!

And hey, we see Rilakkuma with bananas again! I guess Tokyo is really known for their bananas hahaha.

With all of the food-themed anniversary Rilakkumas, I tend to gravitate towards the foods I like to eat – so I was especially happy to see a crepe theme this year! Crepes are definitely one of my favorite foods :D

Anyway, I thought the pattern on Rilakkuma’s crepe envelope looked familiar… it’s just like my oven mitt from the Egg Series from 2012!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - with mitt

I guess the checker pattern is quite a bit larger than the one on the crepe.

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - with Fukuoka Rilakkuma in mitt

Hey, now everyone can be a crepe Rilakkuma, too!

I do think the white/banana yellow combination is a pleasant color scheme!

I also got some event pins, too!

So beautiful, but I don’t really have a place to put them – they’re kind of just leaning against the other plushies in my collection now haha

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - pins

Watermelons! Just like this year’s Tokyo Skytree Anniversary plush!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - Kiddy Land file

ETA: forgot to add that I also got a file folder for Harajuku Kiddy Land’s 1st anniversary, too! I keep my (folded) KFC x Rilakkuma boxes in there right now haha

Great! I hope the Rilakkuma Stores continue with the food trend :D

Finalizing my trip to Japan!

So my parents have finalized our hotels and tours and everything for our first real visit to Japan! We’ve been in Japanese airports so many times for connecting flights, but have never actually seen the country – I’m so excited!

Here’s our schedule (all in June):

20: Arriving!
21: Tokyo (Skytree area)
22: Tokyo (Harajuku + Kiddyland) + Osaka
23: Kyoto
24: Kyoto
25: Nara
26: Tokyo again (for a last minute Rilakkuma Store run?)
27: Leaving :[

Wow, that makes 3 opportunities to visit 3 different Rilakkuma stores (Skytree, Kiddyland, Tokyo Station)! Don’t know if I’ll actually get to all of those (since it’s a family vacation with my parents), but it’s nice to know that I’ll be so close to Rilakkuma stores during my trip haha. (ETA: forgot that the Umeda Rilakkuma Store is in Osaka – that makes 4!!)

After that, it’s family time in the Philippines for a few more weeks! Fun for me, but not too much Rilakkuma related news on that front haha.

SAD NEWS THOUGH: this schedule means I will just barely miss the release of Harajuku 1st Anniversary and Comics Series plushies that come out on the 29th! Noooo!

Harajuku 1st Anniversary - full

Mmmm crepes!

Comics Series - full

I want a matching hoodie!

I’m pre-ordering them though, so I’ll get them eventually, but I won’t get to experience the Rilakkuma release day madness in person – which could be a blessing haha, but I’d like to experience it one time just to know what my sellers have to go through for me haha.

BUT GREAT NEWS: my sister earned an Aloha Rilakkuma plate from Lawson!

Rilakkuma x Lawson - Aloha Rilakkuma - plate

Wow, so HQ!

As I mentioned before, my sister was participating in a Rilakkuma x Lawson campaign where you could collect stickers from purchases and redeem them for prizes – the campaign recently ended on the 3rd.

Though she was originally aiming for the bag (20 stickers), with the help of her classmates, she was able to collect 30 for the plate in less than 2 weeks! WOW!

Thanks a bunch to Liemzie and Ariel for helping me and my sister decode this campaign haha!

You can read more details and see more photos of my sister’s win at her blog here! Yay!