December 2013 – Heart Theme!

Kind of a sneak attack on San-X’s part (though I really love the larger images they’re doing now), but check out the new Hearts theme!

Rilakkuma Hearts Series - header

Rilakkuma Loves Pancakes!

Rilakkuma Hearts Series - plushies

Cute knits with a heart theme on the plushies!

Rilakkuma Hearts Series - keychains

Itty bitty keychain versions, too!

Rilakkuma Hearts Series - aroma balls

And… bottles of aroma balls? Has San-X sold these before?

They’re scheduled to be released December 2013! Check out the prices and the extended product list here!

There was a Rilakkuma Hearts theme back in 2008, too! I guess San-X is bringing it back for the first Hearts Series’ 5 year anniversary :D

Rilakkuma and friends really look so snug in their knits!

And you can be snug just like them in the Rilakkuma Store exclusive knitwear line:

Rilakkuma Store Exclusive Knits - announcement


They look so warm!

It never really gets too cold here in Florida (in fact, it was a beautiful, sunny 80F today), but I really do love the knitwear line!! I’d totally wear the beanie and scarf regardless of weather hahaha