Royal Rilakkuma Art, A Winter Hearts Discovery, & Holiday Wrap-Up!

Hey, check out this Rilakkuma art created by Simon!

Rilakkuma Art - Royal BD Bear

How regal!

Wah super cute, I can’t believe it! Thanks for sending this in, Simon! (First of many more to come, I hope!)

This piece of art is inspired by the Rilakkuma 10th Anniversary Sofa Throne Series and Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of Ice-T – ha!

My (M Classic) Rilakkuma plushie sat in as a model for this portrait – he looks a lot like my Fansclub Royal Rilakkuma plushie, too! Super handsome :)

In plushie news, has anyone ordered the Winter Hearts Series? Diligent reader Jennifer noticed that the fur on these plushies is slightly longer and fluffier than that the regular plushies – a happy medium between the regular plushies and the My Only series!

Winter Hearts fur - full

Jennifer’s snuggly Winter Hearts Rilakkuma plushie (right) compared against a super cute Bonjour Series Caravan plushie (left)!

Winter Hearts fur - face

See the difference in the face?

Winter Hearts fur - feet

Super noticeable difference in the feet!

Incredible discovery! Thanks so much for sharing, Jennifer!

I wonder if they’ll be using more of this texture in the future? Maybe they’re testing out this new fur on the market to see how people like it. It’ll be exciting to see!

Also, I’m sure the shaggier fur keeps them nice and warm during this cold winter!

In other news: for Christmas, my mom turned one of my Rilakkuma Lifestyle photos into a blanket!

BD Blanket - 1


Wow! I think the colors turned out really well – this is definitely one of my favorite photos :) This photo really doesn’t do justice to the massive scale of this blanket – it’s even bigger than my queen-size bed!

I’m so thankful and fortunate to have a family that is so appreciative of Rilakkuma!

This came at a great time because we’re feeling the polar vortex a little even here all the way down in Florida, so it’s nice to have a warm Rilakkuma blanket to snuggle up to!

I hope everyone is surviving the cold!

December 2013 – Heart Theme!

Kind of a sneak attack on San-X’s part (though I really love the larger images they’re doing now), but check out the new Hearts theme!

Rilakkuma Hearts Series - header

Rilakkuma Loves Pancakes!

Rilakkuma Hearts Series - plushies

Cute knits with a heart theme on the plushies!

Rilakkuma Hearts Series - keychains

Itty bitty keychain versions, too!

Rilakkuma Hearts Series - aroma balls

And… bottles of aroma balls? Has San-X sold these before?

They’re scheduled to be released December 2013! Check out the prices and the extended product list here!

There was a Rilakkuma Hearts theme back in 2008, too! I guess San-X is bringing it back for the first Hearts Series’ 5 year anniversary :D

Rilakkuma and friends really look so snug in their knits!

And you can be snug just like them in the Rilakkuma Store exclusive knitwear line:

Rilakkuma Store Exclusive Knits - announcement


They look so warm!

It never really gets too cold here in Florida (in fact, it was a beautiful, sunny 80F today), but I really do love the knitwear line!! I’d totally wear the beanie and scarf regardless of weather hahaha