Space Rilakkuma Plushies – Kiddyland Exclusive! + New! Sapporo 3rd Anniversary design!

Quite delayed posting about them on my part, but I blame school for that haha: check out the Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive Space Series Rilakkuma plushies!

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - full

The Rilakkuma space exploration unit!

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - yellow kumartian 1

With Rilakkuma, there is a cute yellow Kumartian you can move in and out of the spaceship – hello!

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - yellow kumartian 2

… and you can stick the little yellow Kumartian into the spaceship – so cute!! Also, looks like San-X has been promoting a lot of designs with this Rilakkuma pattern (clinging onto something with his head turned to the left).

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - pink kumartian

Korilakkuma has made friends with another set of Kumartians – check out this pink Kumartian saying hello!

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - blue kumartian

And a lovely aqua blue Kumartian on her other side as well!

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - Kiiroitori closed

Who could be inside here?

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - Kiiroitori open

It’s Kiirotori in a hovercraft! And as a nice completion detail, Kii’s feet are still intact as well!

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - Kiiroitori bottom

The bottom of Kiiroitori’s hovercraft!

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - tag all full

Tag art! Three beautiful designs that match each of the plushies!

Space Rilakkuma Store/Kiddyland Exclusive - Korilakkuma tag art

Korilakkuma’s is one of my favorite designs! Look at them trying to communicate in Kumartian language of dango and triangles haha. Though minor discrepancy, in this illustration, the Kumartians have 1 and 3 antennae, but they both have 2 in the plushie!

The Space Series is really one of my favorites!! Excellent craftsmanship (as always), and I can’t believe how adorable the Kumartians are!

I keep playing with the yellow Kumartian and putting him in different places throughout the day hehehe. How fantastic that Bear Nation now boasts a successful space program :D

This cosmic set was released as a Rilakkuma Store and Kiddyland exclusive for the Space Series on July 12!

In other news, lots of new releases coming! The Cat Series leaked a few months ago, but check out the new official Rilakkuma Cat Series page!

Cat Series - cover


Cat Series - standard plushies

I love their little paws and whiskers, and that they’re all different kinds of cats! Standard plushies for 1,680円 each

Cat Series - pouch and tissue box

And of course, lots of other assorted goodies! Multi-function pouch for 1,500円, and tissue box cover for 2,980円. Since my allergy means cats make me sneeze, the tissue box cover is rather fitting (and useful)!

So lovely to see the marketing for this series starting up – we can expect this series to come out some time in October of this year, so stay tuned! I’m still crossing my fingers for a taiyaki-themed special edition plush!

The official name for this series is のんびりネコテーマ, which roughly translates to “relaxing cat theme” – pretty straightfoward haha.

In addition, the Sapporo Rilakkuma Store is celebrating their 3rd anniversary!

Sapporo Rilakkuma Store 3rd Anniversary - full

Can anyone tell me what Kiiroitori is holding?

Looks like Rilakkuma and friends are getting in touch with their agricultural side, and donning denim overalls for harvest! Super fitting, as Hokkaido ranks first in Japan for agricultural production, and is home to the Sapporo Agricultural College!

These mini-farmers will be a cool 1,500円 each, and will be released on September 6th!

And finally, for something a little different, check out these new Rilakkuma lace bracelets!

Lace Bracelets - Nordic

How fashionable!

So interesting! Apparently, these bracelets can withstand water and rust, and are meant for people who have metal allergies – how thoughtful! I think these look light and fun for the end of summer!

These bracelets will be available in many different stores, and will be 1,000円 each. Hehehe, if I got these, I’d probably just let my kumas wear them.

I have a few more bears (space and otherwise) to write about, but in the meantime, what do you all think of the new releases? I would love to hear!

On the school side, my school work is really ramping up! I’m studying heart sounds and murmurs all day now, so hopefully I’ll be a pro soon!

Sapporo 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma!

I guess the holiday season means getting through my wishlist!

Simon bought me a new addition to my poncho-riffic Rilakkuma collection: Sapporo 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma!

This plushie was released as a Sapporo Rilakkuma store exclusive to celebrate the branch’s 1 year anniversary – congrats to them!

Sapporo 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma - full body shot

Welcome to the family!

Sapporo 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma - back view

Happy birthday celebration message on the back!

Sapporo 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma - front hood detail

Love the mint leaf detail and fuzzy trim!

Ever since his release in September, I’ve always had my eye on him: he was actually the first plushie on my wishlist! I hope they make more ice cream Rilakkumas in the years to come.

On an unrelated note: I’ve created a twitter account that will post updates on this WP blog and the tumblr, in addition to random Rilakkuma links and updates. Follow me @KumaLifestyle! Apparently @RilakkumaLifestyle is 2 too many characters lol.

Anyway, now that family is coming in for the holidays, I’ll probably take a bit of a hiatus to spend time with them. Happy holidays!

Wishlist – Sapporo 1st Anniversary Series! (ACQUIRED!)

This mint chocolate chip ice cream Rilakkuma was released in September 2012 to celebrate the Sapporo Rilakkuma Store’s 1st anniversary – even the tag is ice cream shaped! Breathtaking details as always, down to the tiny chocolate sprinkles all over the hood and the little mint leaves at the top. The back of the hood also has a celebration message (Happy 1st Birthday! Sapporo.) embroidered in gold! Luckily, I know a bunch of places selling them, but for now I’m going to restrain myself from splurging since I’ve been on a Rilakkuma shopping spree for the past few months already.

Sapporo Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary - event announcement

Happy birthday, Sapporo branch!

In general, all of the special store anniversary releases in 2012 were super cute, from Kichijoji’s 2nd Anniversary strawberry cake plushies to Umeda’s 4th anniversary chocolate pudding plushies. I would love to have any of them, but I’ve got my eye out for the Sapporo version because he’s a combination of my favorite ice cream flavor and my favorite Rilakkuma clothing item, the poncho!

ETA (12/15/2010): Acquired!