Sapporo 5th Anniversary Rilakkuma Plush!

Dreaming of snow and winter as summer gets closer?

Cool down by hanging out with one of my newest additions: Bobsled Rilakkuma Plush from the Sapporo 5th Anniversary Series!

Sapporo Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Series - Bobsled Rilakkuma - リラックマストア札幌店5周年記念 - ボブスレー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ リラックマ - full

I call him “Bob”.

Sapporo Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Series - Bobsled Rilakkuma - リラックマストア札幌店5周年記念 - ボブスレー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ リラックマ - helmet detail

Protective helmet to keep him safe and warm, with bear emblem in the front and center.

Sapporo Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Series - Bobsled Rilakkuma - リラックマストア札幌店5周年記念 - ボブスレー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ リラックマ - front bobsled detail

The bobsled itself has a bear profile, with subtle red “ears” attached to the sides, with a large yellow bear design in the front.

Sapporo Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Series - Bobsled Rilakkuma - リラックマストア札幌店5周年記念 - ボブスレー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ リラックマ - side view

Profile shows two white racing stripes and a sporty yellow Rilakkuma title. I love the little bear for the dot on the “i”!

Sapporo Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Series - Bobsled Rilakkuma - リラックマストア札幌店5周年記念 - ボブスレー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ リラックマ - removable bobsled

This Rilakkuma is completely removable from his bobsled (no strings attached!) so other bears can have some winter fun, too!

Sapporo Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Series - Bobsled Rilakkuma - リラックマストア札幌店5周年記念 - ボブスレー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ リラックマ - tag art

I think the tag art is uniquely beautiful, with a pretty snowflake design with little bears at the spikes. Nice peek of the fabric tag with gold foil embroidery describing the anniversary location and year, a motif of all anniversary designs from this cycle (compare to the satin ribbons from last cycle).

This sporty bobsled Rilakkuma was released as part of the Sapporo Rilakkuma Store’s 5th Anniversary celebration held November 2016!

This is the first Rilakkuma plush to ring in the current cycle of sports-themed anniversary bears! Last cycle was the Rilakkuma World Tour, featuring Rilakkuma and friends traveling across the world. This cycle, the designs all represent important sports in Japan! Also, I’m glad they brought back the full-sized bears for this cycle—just as I was starting to get used to the mini-bears from the past two haha.

This Rilakkuma design is especially meaningful because the country of Japan made their official bobsled/bobsleigh debut at the 1972 Winter Olympics, with the bobsled event being held in Sapporo! Furthermore, according to the announcement for this anniversary event on the Rilakkuma blog, this design is supposed to represent all winter sports, including bobsledding, skiing, and snowboarding. I love how thoughtful these Rilakkuma designs at representing significant slices of Japanese culture and history!

Big thanks to my Aunt Lulu for chaperoning him all the way here from the Philippines! We are so grateful for his immigration!

So happy that Bear Country is branching out to athletics! I’m also excited to have even more sports bears from this cycle to share with you!

In more relatable Rilakkuma news, this new design featuring sleeping Rilakkuma saying “Please don’t wake me up, I want to sleep more…” will be popping up in June!

Please Don't Wake Me Up, I Want To Sleep More - Rilakkuma - June 2017 - リラックマ

Haven’t we all been there?

Please Don't Wake Me Up, I Want To Sleep More - Rilakkuma - June 2017 - リラックマ - tote bag pass case

Tote bag: 2,480円. Passcase: 1,600円.

This line will be released in Rilakkuma Stores across Japan on June 3, and includes bags, passcases, pouches, and even a commemorative fork!

Such a big difference in attitude compared the sporty bears from the Anniversary line, huh? I think even Rilakkuma athletes want to sleep in some days.

What kind of sports do you want to see Rilakkuma play? Or are you more of a ~sleeping in~ Rilakkuma type?


Hankyu Rilakkuma Plushies! + End of August Update!

Hope you’ve been having a wonderful summer! Say hello to these two Hankyu Rilakkumas!

Hankyu x Rilakkuma - 阪急電車× リラックマ - full

Two Hankyu stationmasters, ready to work!

Hankyu x Rilakkuma - 阪急電車× リラックマ - hats 1

Cute stationmaster hats feature a Rilakkuma emblem!

Hankyu x Rilakkuma - 阪急電車× リラックマ - hats 2

The July stationmaster’s hat is black with a maroon and gold band

Hankyu x Rilakkuma - 阪急電車× リラックマ - bags

Cross-body bags for each!

Hankyu x Rilakkuma - 阪急電車× リラックマ - badge

ID badge says 駅長リラックマ (Stationmaster Rilakkuma)

Hankyu x Rilakkuma - 阪急電車× リラックマ - back

The back of their outfits say “Rilakkuma x Hankyu”, and you can notice that the straps of their bags are different colors, too!

Hankyu x Rilakkuma - 阪急電車× リラックマ - tag art

Tag art: features the front of the Hankyu line with Rilakkuma and friends, and the July stationmaster’s tag has an additional maroon border.

I love the color scheme of this line, and these bears hold a special place in my heart because I rode the Hankyu line with my family in 2013, and actually visited the Umeda Rilakkuma store while I was there! I’m so fortunate to now have these two Hankyu Rilakkuma stationmasters!

These two train kuma-ductors were released as part of the Hankyu x Rilakkuma (阪急電車× リラックマ) collaboration this year, with different colors for the April release (maroon) and the July release (black).

I really really love the transportation Rilakkumas, and I think they represent my most complete Rilakkuma collection. Hayabusa and Komachi Rilakkuma train plushes are already on their way over from Japan, and should be joining this collection next week!

Hankyu x Rilakkuma - transportation collection

New Hankyu bears joining the rest of the transportation team (Yamanote, Dr. Yellow, and Shinkansen) in bear country!

And of course, since summer is beginning to wind down, San-X is pummeling us with new releases to make our bank accounts weep. Check out what’s new!

Two Rilakkuma Stores are celebrating anniversaries in September, and the first one is the Sapporo Rilakkuma Store’s 4th Anniversary!

Sapporo 4th Anniversary - cover

All bundled up! Is Kobear supposed to be a yeti, arctic wolf, or what? 1580円 each.

Sapporo 4th Anniversary - tour

Sapporo’s anniversary event will also feature a special appearance from this North Pole Rilakkuma – awesome! The polar bear plush looks just like the Kobe Rilakkuma Store Opening playset polar bear!

This year’s anniversary theme for Sapporo is North Pole, which is very fitting because Sapporo certainly has a reputation for being one of the coldest locations in Japan! These chilly Rilakkuma plushes will be released as part of the Sapporo Rilakkuma Store’s anniversary event on September 5!

Next up is the Umeda Rilakkuma Store’s 7th Anniversary!

Umeda 7th Anniversary - cover

Korilakkuma is cruising on a gondola with a lovely hat that has its own ears haha, Rilakkuma’s making pizza, and Kiiroitori is indulging in pizza and gelato at the same time! 1580円 each.

Umeda 7th Anniversary - tour

This talented Rilakkuma pizza maker will be showing off his mozzarella basil pizza during the Umeda anniversary event – yum!

As the first Rilakkuma Store, the Umeda Rilakkuma holds a special place in Rilakkuma history. This year, the theme for their anniversary is Italy, and Rilakkuma and pals are celebrating by making some pizza! I’m not sure if Umeda has a connection to pizza that made them choose this theme, so if anyone know, I would love to hear!

I think this design is super cute, and as a lifelong pizza fan, I will most likely be getting the Rilakkuma from this series. Umeda’s 7th anniversary event will be held on the September 11.

Finally, since this is the 7th anniversary of Rilakkuma Stores in general, starting this September, all of the Rilakkuma Stores in Japan are featuring this super adorable Rilakkuma passport event called the Rilakkuma World Tour!

Rilakkuma Passport - cover

Passport/stamp book design featuring Airplane Rilakkuma! Sample stamps from Sapporo and Umeda, too!

Starting September 5, you can get a Rilakkuma passport if you make a purchase over 2000 yen, and then collect stamps at the 11 Rilakkuma Stores you visit during their anniversaries. As you got a peek of in the Sapporo (North Pole) and Umeda (Italy) anniversary designs, each anniversary design represents a different part of the world, so you can feel like you’re touring the world while you go from Rilakkuma Store to Rilakkuma Store – wow! What a wonderfully creative idea, and totally something I would love to do if I were in Japan!

As a sneak peek of what’s to come, the San-X Net Shop Facebook page shared a photo of this year’s Christmas 2015 Net Shop Exclusive playset!

Christmas 2015 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - sneak peek

Looks like a tasty dinner!

I always look forward to their playset designs every year, and it’s great to see a yummy Christmas dinner being shared by Team Rilakkuma! Pre-orders coming soon!

In other news, I’m currently doing my internal medicine inpatient rotation for medical school, and it’s really a blast! Long hours, but I’m really enjoying everything I do, I just wish I knew more haha, but I suppose that will come with time since I am just a student now! Magical Dining Month here in Orlando has just begun, so I’m really looking forward to sharing some wonderful meals with friends this month!

That’s all for now! What do you have your eye on, Rilakkuma or otherwise?