Wagara Rilakkuma UFO Catcher Plushie!

It’s my pleasure to introduce Wagara Rilakkuma!

Wagara Rilakkuma UFO Catcher - full

Oh, hallo!

Wagara Rilakkuma UFO Catcher - right detail

He wears a scarf with a wonderful Rilakkuma design!

Wagara Rilakkuma UFO Catcher - left detail

This side says “リラックマ” (Rilakkuma) with a little dango icon at the end, just like his fabric tag!

Wagara Rilakkuma UFO Catcher - back

Lazy Rilakkuma in the back!

Wagara Rilakkuma UFO Catcher - stickers

And some absolutely wonderful Rilakkuma stickers, too!

This handsome plushie was a generous gift from reader Jennifer – thank you so so much, he is an absolutely adorable addition to my collection, and he fits right in with everyone else already! I’m so fortunate to have such wonderful readers like you!

He is a UFO Catcher plushie released by Fansclub in May 2013, and he is wagara-themed! Wagara (和柄) is a traditional Japanese pattern or design, and were traditionally patterns used for kimono or yukata.

So this Rilakkuma is wearing a wagara-inspired scarf, combining traditional Japanese pattern styles and modern & hip Rilakkuma! The other plushies from the same release have similar designs, in the forms of pillows and coin purses – I love it!

Whew, sorry for the complete radio silence on my end for the past few weeks: last week we had our first major final exam in biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics so I was a bit held up with studying.

We’ve starting anatomy/physiology this week: I’m really excited about it, but I’ve never taken anatomy or physiology before so I’m hoping it won’t be too overwhleming.

I’m still waiting on my Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary plushie because I told the seller to hold off until the Caravan design was announced, but dang, I didn’t think it’d take so long to get news on the Caravan! I kind of expected them to release the Caravan design this month, but I guess I’ll just keep waiting…

My Only Rilakkuma Plushie!

Oh hey, it’s My Only Rilakkuma!

What a funny name, we all know he’s far from my only Rilakkuma hahaha

My Only Rilakkuma - full


My Only Rilakkuma - close-up

Simon says he looks very determined!

My Only Rilakkuma - in bed

In his natural habitat.

He was released in April 2013 and wow, he really is so soft and fluffy, and such a cute size – I love him a lot! We got him at the Harajuku Rilakkuma Store!

Continuing the trend of “cute Rilakkuma products my dad bought”, Rilakkuma stickers!

Stickers - set of 3

So many foods! And I love all his outfits :)

I think I like the one with all the different outfits (right-most) best!

They’re so cute, but I never know what to do with stickers; I usually think they’re too cute to use haha.

It’s the same way I feel about stationary – if you get something from me written on Rilakkuma stationary, you know it’s important because I don’t use Rilakkuma stationary on just anyone (plus it’s pricey)!

Whew, seems like things are slowing down a bit after the Wonderland release – it’s bananas, Rilakkuma stuff always happens in these giant bursts… I guess this might be the calm before the next storm?

In other news, I have way too many Rilakkuma to post/photograph about still! Can’t complain about the bounty of Rilakkumas though hahaha. My Lawson Aloha Rilakkuma playset came in this week, and I have another delivery on the way :O all stuff I ordered months ago though so my wallet’s been able have some much deserved relaxation haha.