My Only Rilakkuma Plushie!

Oh hey, it’s My Only Rilakkuma!

What a funny name, we all know he’s far from my only Rilakkuma hahaha

My Only Rilakkuma - full


My Only Rilakkuma - close-up

Simon says he looks very determined!

My Only Rilakkuma - in bed

In his natural habitat.

He was released in April 2013 and wow, he really is so soft and fluffy, and such a cute size – I love him a lot! We got him at the Harajuku Rilakkuma Store!

Continuing the trend of “cute Rilakkuma products my dad bought”, Rilakkuma stickers!

Stickers - set of 3

So many foods! And I love all his outfits :)

I think I like the one with all the different outfits (right-most) best!

They’re so cute, but I never know what to do with stickers; I usually think they’re too cute to use haha.

It’s the same way I feel about stationary – if you get something from me written on Rilakkuma stationary, you know it’s important because I don’t use Rilakkuma stationary on just anyone (plus it’s pricey)!

Whew, seems like things are slowing down a bit after the Wonderland release – it’s bananas, Rilakkuma stuff always happens in these giant bursts… I guess this might be the calm before the next storm?

In other news, I have way too many Rilakkuma to post/photograph about still! Can’t complain about the bounty of Rilakkumas though hahaha. My Lawson Aloha Rilakkuma playset came in this week, and I have another delivery on the way :O all stuff I ordered months ago though so my wallet’s been able have some much deserved relaxation haha.

15 thoughts on “My Only Rilakkuma Plushie!

  1. I love him! Your not-only-Rilakkuma ^^ he matches so well with your sheets!
    Haha I am the same way with stickers and stationary! I buy them just to look at them XD
    Its good timing before the trifecta in October, we can relax a little in late July! <3

    • Haha I’m glad we’re similar! I bought some Rilakkuma stationary from the Tamago series and it’s just so pretty and nice to just look at, I can’t bear to mess it up with m handwriting hahaha I guess that defeats the purpose of stationary but oh well!

  2. My only rilakkuma series is one of my favorite series! He is fuzzy, and amazingly soft~ you just gotta love him when you hold him! I wish san-x makes him a lil bit bigger >.<
    And I can't agree more on your thought about stickers & stationary!

    • Yeah, I was so surprised at how soft he was!! I’ve had fluffy toys in the past, but My Only Rilakkuma’s fur is really on a different level haha

      Also, it’s so nice to hear that people just like looking at stationary/stickers just like me :D

  3. I see him at the store by my house and I feel him every time and think…should I get him….Your pics definitely make me want him! So soft. I’m the same too stickers, stationary and even pencils…I just can’t bring myself to use them. I’m loving your hauls please continue to take fun pics :D so cute he’s sleeping!

    • Oh yeah haha I don’t know what I’d do with Rilakkuma pencils, I’d be so scared to sharpen them and ruin the design. They’re so cute to collect though, I don’t mind having them just on display haha

  4. What? I swear I commented! But now it’s vanished! :(. I think I said I loved this series so much and they are so amazingly buttery soft and cuddly! And I might have also asked you whether you got Kori too :3

    • Oh no!! I think the comment box ate your comment :[ Anyway, thanks for retyping haha

      Ah, I bought Rila at the Harajuku store, and they only had him! I’ve noticed that the out of season plushies are mainly Rilakkumas! Though I did see a 2012 Halloween Kiiroitori, the rest of the non-2013 plushies were all Rilakkumas!! I really want a fluffy Kori too :D

      • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ~ not sure if you know this already… but, I recently got emailed by one of my readers about My Only Rilakkuma – and I did a quick search for them out of kindness and you know you can still get them on ebay :D the Kori too! Just search “My Only Rilakkuma” – happy to bid sells them, and I’ve bought from her before – she sells the real deal :D

        • Thanks so much for the recommendation!! I love hearing about new Rilakkuma sellers eBay – woe at my lack of Japanese literacy that makes looking at Japanese auctions so hard. Wow, happy.tobid has such a large ad diverse selection! :)

          • I have also bought from happy to bid and she the nicest and most honest seller that I have ever met. She is also a fan as well so she tries to be as fair as possible and does not rip you off. She of course sells only the real stuff. There are sooo many fakes on ebay that we need to be careful.

  5. Love the picture of RIlakkuma in your bed, too cute. I buy a bunch of rilakkuma stationary only because it’s cute, not because I will use it hehehe. I bought I bunch of washi tape with rilakkuma design on them, and I don’t want to use them because they are so cute, even though it’s a big roll of tape lol. Stickers are the same, I remember when I was a kid, the fun of getting stickers was putting them into a sticker book. I imagine that if I were to do that now, I would have a huge book of stickers.

    • Ahhhh washi tape! I have to restrain myself so much from buying Rilakkuma washi tape for that reason too! I think my dad is on board with us though – these stickers will probably just stay on display haha

  6. WOW,thanks for sharing and is that family reunion photo all of the San X plush that you have? I thought you would have a lot more than that but then you said that it has not even been a year since you started so I guess you are a new fan like me. I gave a lot of mine away to my nephews due to space limitations since I have other plush I like as well. I am also not a collector but only get some selected ones that I like only. You seem to like Rilakkuma the most. I like the Korillakkuma the most but it depends on the style too. There were soooo many cute ones from the past that we missed out on and gosh are they hard to get now. Did you get the floats set?? I thought that you said you preordered it. How come I do not see it in the photo?? Thanks so much for sharing your collection and your photos are SO CUTE!!

    • Yep! I’ll be celebrating my 1 year anniversary as a collector in November! I didn’t even know who/what Rilakkuma was in March 2012 :O :O :O But I got addicted easily haha.

      Also, yep, I pre-ordered the floats but the sale fell through, unfortunately. I wish I could’ve known ahead of time, but with the refund, I now have extra money to spend on other Rilakkumas like the older series hahaha so it’s not so bad! Maybe I’ll get the floats some other time; I’m optimistic!

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