10th Anniversary Event Tuxedo Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, & Kiiroitori Plushies!

My white coat ceremony for medical school is today! A white coat ceremony is a big event here where we get to wear our white coats for the first time, symbolizing our transition to a serious career in healthcare!

To celebrate this occasion, check out these formally dressed plushies: 10th anniversary Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, & Kiiroitori wearing red sequined blazers!

Hey, also did you know this is my first full-size Kiiroitori?

10th Anniversary Series - full

Happy 10th, Rilakkuma! I love how their collar and hat ribbon colors match!

10th Anniversary Series - back

Showing their tails through their coattails hahaha

10th Anniversary Series - hats

Their hats have their favorite foods! Kiiroitori doesn’t have anything in particular T^T

This dapper set was a special order at the Rilakkuma 10th Anniversary Exhibit!

While I ordered these back in the spring exhibit, in the current exhibit, you can now get this set AND the special 10th anniversary thrones set as well – wow!

I really want to go to the exhibit myself (Ariel made a great post on it), but this cute set will have to do for now haha.

Anyway, in other news, I moved in to my new apartment in Orlando!

Rilakkuma moves in

Rilakkuma helped tremendously, of course.

We actually don’t have much furniture around yet lol, just a dining set and bedroom things – but no rush, we’ll be working on it over the next few weeks! We just spent the weekend building all the stuff we bought from IKEA hahaha (they have such a great cafeteria!).

This weekend has been a blur because of moving and stuff, but most importantly, I did set up a new Rilakkuma display shelf in my room, so photos of that in the next post for sure!