Year of the Horse Rilakkuma!

Wow, it feels too early to think about 2014 already, but I guess it’s already around the corner!

2014 marks the year of the horse, and to celebrate, San-X will be releasing their yearly zodiac plushie!

Year of the Horse - Rilakkuma

Yea or neigh?

Year of the Horse - Korilakkuma

Rilakkuma’s an all-brown horse, while Korilakkuma is an all-white horse (what a singular color palette).

Year of the Horse - Kiiroitori

I think Kiiroitori makes a really unconvincing horse haha

The price is a random 1,764円 each, and they go on sale at Rilakkuma Stores everywhere (including the Net Shop) on December 7, while select international stores will have a delayed released (generally about a month or two later).

I think I’ll have to pick at least one of these up since I was born in the year of the horse! In fact, due to my birth year (1990), I’m actually a metal horse. Apparently, that means I have a really unpredictable personality – but I’ve never really been one for horoscopes haha.

I’ll probably wait for the international release and buy from a US carrier so I can save a bit on shipping.

There’s really been quite a large representation of quadrapeds in the Rilakkuma lineup this year, hasn’t there? Rilakkuma and friends were sheep (Aries)/bull (Taurus)/lion (Leo)/goat (Capricorn) for the Zodiac, riding horses in Wonderland, being deer for Happy Natural Time, and now they’re dressed as horses! Definitely lots of animals this year haha.

In other news, I caved and bought a Rilakkuma scarf from their recent knitwear line – but hey, it’s been getting a little windy and chilly over here, so it’ll definitely see a lot of use. Can’t wait until it gets here!