Chicken Series Rilakkuma!

This Rilakkuma was a gift to my sister for Thanksgiving! He is her first themed Rilakkuma (she already has a medium-sized bear like the one I use for Rilakkuma Lifestyle photos). He comes from the same Chicken/Egg Series as the Caravan version I posted earlier, which came out this past October. He also came in the same decorated package as my Hamburger Rilakkuma! This Chicken Rilakkuma has some pretty adorable details:

Chicken suit Rilakkuma - full body shot

He looks so cozy! And he has a front pocket like a kangaroo.

Chicken suit Rilakkuma - lining detail

The inside of his chicken suit is lined with a soft red checkered gingham. This fabric is also used to pad the feet of the suit.

Chicken suit Rilakkuma - tag detail

Fabric tag illustration: looks like Rilakkuma is breaking out of an egg!

Chicken Rilakkuma - removable suit

The costume is so soft and well-made! His chicken suit is actually fully removable, but doing so is tantamount to dressing/undressing a cat so I think that may be more trouble than it’s worth.

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