Hamburger Series Rilakkuma!

I received this Hamburger Series Rilakkuma plushie before I started this blog, but I never got a chance to share so here he is now!

Hamburger + Chicken suit Rilakkumas - package and gifts

Decorated package came with Hello Kitty cream puff squishy, little packets of furikake decorated with anime, and Rilakkuma stationary.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - full body shot

I guess he’s technically a cheeseburger.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - ketchup bottle detail

Rilakkuma tomato ketchup! I’m always in awe of their details.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - hat detail

Burger hat detail

He’s so cute – I’m glad to add him to my personal collection! This bear came out in February 2012, as a limited edition corollary plushie set of the Happy Picnic Series:

Hamburger series - San-X event notice

4 thoughts on “Hamburger Series Rilakkuma!

    • Thanks!! I bought this one from xxmiraixx on eBay about a year ago. I’m not sure if she has it in stock anymore, but she does take requests and will be able to get rare plushies like this via Japanese auctions for a fee if its not listed. Good luck!

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