Sumikko Gurashi – Tonkatsu!

Sometimes I get really one-tracked minded when it comes to Rilakkuma, and I forget San-X has a boatload of other characters they promote.

Recently, my sister and I discovered this character while cruising the San-X Net Shop blog:

Sumikko Gurashi - Tonkatsu

Kinda looks like a Diglett, right?

This character is Tonkatsu (とんかつ) – the fried pork cutlet. His character description states that he’s that last leftover piece of tonkatsu; he’s 1% meat, 99% fat – and is always left behind because of his fat content.

Sumikko Gurashi - Tonkatsu backstory

Apparently, his pink nose is the 1% meat – the rest is breaded fat and grease!

In September 2012, this guy was introduced as part of a whole series of amorphous characters called Sumikko Gurashi (すみっこぐらし), which (very) roughly translates to “beings living in corners” (like of a house). I suppose I can imagine leftover crumbs of tonkatsu making their way into corners of a room.

In Sumikko Gurashi, Tonkatsu is joined by:

  • Shirokuma (しろくま): a runaway polar bear who doesn’t like the cold
  • Penguin? (“ぺんぎん?): an insecure green penguin (but maybe a kappa who lost its bowl?) questioning his identity
  • Neko (ねこ): a shy cat who likes to scratch
  • Tapioca (たぴおか): pearls of leftover boba
  • Zassou (ざっそう): an ambitious weed who dreams of being a bouquet
  • Hokori (ほこり): a happy corner-inhabiting dust particle
  • Furoshiki (ふろしき): Shirokuma’s luggage cloth
  • Nisetsumuri (にせつむり): a slug who pretends to be a snail by wearing a shell
Sumikko Gurashi - set

The whole Sumikko Gurashi team!
Top row: Shirokuma, Penguin?, Tonkatsu, Neko, Tapioca, and Zassou
Bottom row: Hokori, Furoshiki, & Nisetsumuri

What a team! I wonder how they came to be friends…

12 thoughts on “Sumikko Gurashi – Tonkatsu!

  1. They are all so cute, but Tonkatsu IS the CUTEST! I think in time I’ll cave and buy a plush…or at least the smaller plush keychain of him. ;0)

  2. That’s cute! I also prefer Tonkatsu, but they’re all cute! I don’t think I will resist on buying some more stuff! :P

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