Airplane Rilakkuma! + New! Hankyu Stationmaster design + JAXA 2015!

The theme of today’s post is transportation!

From my own collection, it’s Airplane Rilakkuma!

Airplane Series - full

Rilakkuma relaxing on top of an airplane!

Airplane Series - plane detail

Rilakkuma rides a beautiful baby blue airplane, courtesy of Rilakkuma airlines!

Airplane Series - top view

View from the top!

Airplane Series - tag art

Tag art: Rilakkuma and friends on top of the plane, with a thematic homage to the Bonjour Series (2010)!

This plushie took flight in August 2014 in major airports across Japan, as part of the Rilakkuma Airline Series, which also featured travel items such as eye masks, neck pillows, and slippers!

Major thanks to my Aunt Lulu, who was able to arrange for me to get this plush from Haneda airport – thank you!

Following the theme of today’s post, there are two new transportation-related Rilakkuma sequels that I’m super excited about!

Do you remember the Rilakkuma x Hankyu collaboration from April that was the next in a long line of train Rilakkumas (Yamanote, Dr. Yellow)? Well, this July 18th, the Hankyu stationmaster is getting an updated uniform!

Rilakkuma x Hankyu - Summer 2015

From maroon to black! Summer stationmaster plush: 2,052円, Plush keychain: 1,404円, Multibox: 1,296円.

This updated stationmaster plush design is part of a special summer event on the Hankyu line, including new train designs for the summer on the Kobe, Takarazuka, and Kyoto lines as well as more products, prizes, and more!

I am lucky to have the April Hankyu Rilakkuma waiting for me at my parents’ house, but this new design is so tempting! I think I’ll have to go for this new design too if I keep doing well in school – I haven’t missed a train Rilakkuma yet!

Now for a different type of transportation, the popular Rilakkuma x JAXA collaboration plush from last year is getting a sequel this summer too! This year, the Rilakkuma x JAXA collaboration features the entire Rilakkuma team!

JAXA 2nd Edition - cover

Rilakkuma x JAXA was a special collaboration during last year’s Space Series! I’m glad they’re back again this summer, too!

JAXA 2nd Edition - full

Last year, there was only Rilakkuma, and now we have the whole team! 2,400円 each.

In addition to getting some uniforms fitted for Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori, you may also notice that the rocket they each hold is different from last year’s design! This year’s JAXA plushies feature the H-IIA rocket, a Japanese launch system used to launch satellites, lunar orbiting spacecraft, and interplanetary space probes – how exciting! I love it when Rilakkuma plush details have such significance to them!

Like the new Hankyu design, these new plushies will also be released on July 18, along keychains, towels, and ballpoint pens!

Also for Sumikko Gurashi fans, there’s an amazing Sumikko Gurashi Sushi Series coming soon in August!

Sumikko Sushi - cover

A delicious sushi theme!

Sumikko Sushi - full

Bowl playset: 3,000円, individual plush: 550円.

Probably one of my favorite Sumikko Gurashi series so far! Though hard to pick just one, I think my favorite from this design is Nisetsumuri (にせつむり) using sushi as a shell!

There’s so much more cool merchandise from this line that is exquisitely well designed, so be sure to check out the whole line!

Hope you enjoyed this travel-themed post (well, except for the sushi haha)! And happy Independence Day to all the Rilakkuma fans celebrating this weekend!

PS Rilakkuma US has a booth(#1911) at Anime Expo, with lots of merchandise and an event exclusive backpack! I hope they come to Florida soon so I can attend one of these amazing events!

Nisetsumuri (にせつむり) plushie, a guest blog, and more Rilakkuma Art!

A slight deviation from our regular Rilakkuma program: it’s Nisetsumuri (にせつむり), from Sumikko Gurashi!

Nisetsumuri - front


Nisetsumuri - tag

Tag art!

Nisetsumuri - held by bear

The little elastic band means all of my Rilakkumas can hold onto him :D

Tonkatsu - stickers 2

Jennifer also included some incredibly cute Tonkatsu stickers: here are two of my favorites!

Tonkatsu - sticker designs

Here are the rest of the sticker designs – I love how new character Ebi furai no shippo (えびふらいのしっぽ) is included. And… do I see Tapioca in the top right squirting sauce onto Tonkatsu? Hahaha

Hilariously, Nisetsumuri (にせつむり) translates into something like “fake head” or “deceptive head” – because it is actually supposed to be a slug who just wears a shell! What a cute backstory haha.

And Tonkatsu (とんかつ), forever ignored because he’s the fatty end of the pork cutlet, is featured in this sticker set trying to become more appetizing with sauce, I suppose.

This Nisesumuri plushie was released in April 2013, and the Tonkatsu sticker set was released in September 2013! Glad to see such longevity in the Sumikko Gurashi line!

This set was a generous gift by reader Jennifer – thank you so so much for your support and thoughtful gifts, they never fail to cheer me up when school get busy and hectic!

Riding on the wave of Rilakkuma art from a previous post, check out this beautiful rendition of a Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary scene by dulcetart!

Dulcetart - Rilakkuma art


Really fantastic colors! This is really one of my favorite scenes/series in Rilakkuma history – I even made a GIF of this scene around 3 weeks ago, so perfect timing! Definitely check out the rest of dulcetart’s incredible art at her tumblr!

My Kawaii Life - Guest blog post

How old is my first Rilakkuma?

In other news, I know I’ve never really written about how I got into the Rilakkuma world, so if you’re curious, I did a little guest blog post over at My Kawaii Life! There are also a few snapshots of my apartment Rilakkuma shelf, which is currently overflowing with plushies haha.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Jen – I’m so honored to have been featured! If you’re interested in cute things of all types (like Rilakkuma), make sure to check out the rest of her amazing blog as well!

Lunar new year is coming up! Can’t wait to celebrate again!

Rilakkumarket & New Sumikko Gurashi Line!

No Rilakkuma plushies in this update, but check out the new Rilakkumarket line to be released in February!

Rilakkumarket - logo

Hey, with the shopping cart, it looks a little like the Lawson x Aloha Rilakkuma collab plushie!

Rilakkumarket - pencil pouches

Pencil pouches shaped like cartons! Love the cute Rilakkuma riff on Starbucks haha

Rilakkumarket - pencil sharpeners

Pencil sharpeners that look like soda bottles!

Pretty cool! I love how innovative this line is, and I really hope to see these actual Rilakkuma food/drink products on the market someday! I would definitely love to sip a bottle of Rilakkuma cola by the pool hahaha

A little known fact about this blog is that my most popular post is the one on Sumikko Gurashi/Tonkatsu that I made over a year ago! I know this isn’t a Sumikko Gurashi blog, but I do think it’s a great San-X series!

Sumikko Gurashi has a new line where the characters are taking a walk wearing some new stylish gear also coming out in February, check it out!

Sumikko Gurashi Walk - logo

I think my favorite is Nisetsumuri and the backpack around its (fake) shell haha. Is Penguin reading a book on… pickles?

Sumikko Gurashi Walk - Plushies

Some new faces!

Sumikko Gurashi Walk - playset

A Sumikko Gurashi playset! Spot the Tapioca in the tree!

I haven’t been following Sumikko Gurashi that closely since I made that first post over a year ago, but there are a few characters I haven’t seen before!

  • Suzume (すずめ): a brown sparrow
  • Ebi furai no shippo (えびふらいのしっぽ): the tail of a fried shrimp (えびふらい, ebi furai). Ha! He makes good company with the other discarded foods, Tapioca and Tonkatsu.
  • Tokage (とかげ): a blue lizard – hey, looks a little like Quagsire, right?

Adorable! Looks like a really Penguin-centric release haha. It’s so interesting to see how much longevity Sumikko Gurashi’s had with San-X – I love that this line’s been developed because I know a lot of the newer character lines tend to stagnate. Glad to see Sumikko Gurashi’s success progress – they’re even the featured background on the main San-X page right now for the new year!

Well in other news, I’ve just finished my first week of school in 2014, and it went by without a hitch! Hopefully the rest of the year will be just like this too!

Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Plushie!

Finally here – the Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary Plushie!

Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary - full

Just hanging out.

Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary - fish

Mr. Red Sea Bream says “Hello!”

Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary - Kiiroitori

Kiiroitori rides along in the back!

Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary - tags

Red fabric ribbon says “Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary!”

Rilakkuma Store 5th Anniversary - coasters

Plus some Halloween coasters! My first Halloween-themed Rilakkuma items actually haha

He kinda looks like a Christmas ornament, doesn’t he?

Oh my gosh, I pre-ordered him way back in September and just received him this weekend because I was waiting for the Happy Natural Time Series Caravan design to be announced for the longest time. Ah well, he is definitely worth the wait!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the first Rilakkuma Store (Umeda) opened five years ago – to celebrate, San-X released both an anniversary plushie specific to the Umeda branch (chestnut-themed) as well as an anniversary plushie for the Rilakkuma Stores as a whole (this guy!).

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori are riding a big red sea bream (鯛, tai), a symbol of good fortune in Japanese culture. There’s also a Japanese proverb “腐っても鯛” (Kusattemo tai) which roughly translates to “No matter how spoiled/old, it’s still sea bream” because even when sea bream isn’t very fresh, its flavor lasts longer than most other fish so it’s still good to eat (turns out that the fish produces a substance, inosinic acid, that decomposes slower than most fish and helps it resist spoiling!). Following, this proverb reflects how even in dire circumstances or old age, a person of quality still has their worth.

Hopefully this Rilakkuma and sea bream will give me some good luck for my upcoming medical school years!

In other news, the Rilakkuma x Enherb collaboration is gearing up again!

Rilakkuma x Enherb 2013 - Winter ad

I love their ad this year!

Looks like they’ve extended their product line since last year with some honey/herb mix and bath salts, which is great to see!

The Enherb collab is close to my heart because (1) I love tea and (2) it was one of my very first posts on my blog!

Speaking of flashbacks to old loves, how CUTE is this new ad for the new Sumikko Gurashi tableware line?

Sumikko Gurashi - tableware ad

Too cute to eat?

Appropriately, Tonkatsu is positioned at the very end of the cutlet hahaha

So amazing to see San-X developing Sumikko Gurashi! My sister has the mini plush like the one in the photo, and we both have the larger/regular sized one too!

Tonkatsu has always been my favorite, and like Enherb, was also the subject of one of my blog’s earliest posts :D

Speaking of which, Rilakkuma Lifestyle’s 1 year anniversary is coming up on the 21st – wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

Sumikko Gurashi – Tonkatsu!

Sometimes I get really one-tracked minded when it comes to Rilakkuma, and I forget San-X has a boatload of other characters they promote.

Recently, my sister and I discovered this character while cruising the San-X Net Shop blog:

Sumikko Gurashi - Tonkatsu

Kinda looks like a Diglett, right?

This character is Tonkatsu (とんかつ) – the fried pork cutlet. His character description states that he’s that last leftover piece of tonkatsu; he’s 1% meat, 99% fat – and is always left behind because of his fat content.

Sumikko Gurashi - Tonkatsu backstory

Apparently, his pink nose is the 1% meat – the rest is breaded fat and grease!

In September 2012, this guy was introduced as part of a whole series of amorphous characters called Sumikko Gurashi (すみっこぐらし), which (very) roughly translates to “beings living in corners” (like of a house). I suppose I can imagine leftover crumbs of tonkatsu making their way into corners of a room.

In Sumikko Gurashi, Tonkatsu is joined by:

  • Shirokuma (しろくま): a runaway polar bear who doesn’t like the cold
  • Penguin? (“ぺんぎん?): an insecure green penguin (but maybe a kappa who lost its bowl?) questioning his identity
  • Neko (ねこ): a shy cat who likes to scratch
  • Tapioca (たぴおか): pearls of leftover boba
  • Zassou (ざっそう): an ambitious weed who dreams of being a bouquet
  • Hokori (ほこり): a happy corner-inhabiting dust particle
  • Furoshiki (ふろしき): Shirokuma’s luggage cloth
  • Nisetsumuri (にせつむり): a slug who pretends to be a snail by wearing a shell
Sumikko Gurashi - set

The whole Sumikko Gurashi team!
Top row: Shirokuma, Penguin?, Tonkatsu, Neko, Tapioca, and Zassou
Bottom row: Hokori, Furoshiki, & Nisetsumuri

What a team! I wonder how they came to be friends…