Vote for Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

Help support Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

My very own (and very first) Rilakkuma plushie is participating in Facebook photo contest!! It’s one of the older photos from my Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr:

Rilakkuma Photo Contest - submission

Vote for contemplative Rilakkuma!

Check it out, and please vote for me here:!

Rilakkuma Photo Contest - voting screen

Just click on the orange button I’ve circled in yellow to vote!

Press the orange “ほっこり” below the photo! I think only the orange “ほっこり” number counts toward the contest, but you can also click  “いいね!” to “Like” it.

A new window will pop up asking you to install the voting platform app if you haven’t before. As far as I know, the app doesn’t do anything or share content without your permission so it’s safe to add. Also, this contest is run by the official San-X Rilakkuma page, so I trust that it’s all legitimate. Just make sure that the vote count goes up by one when you click!

You can vote once a day!

Thank you so much – I appreciate any support! :) Thanks for your time!

16 thoughts on “Vote for Rilakkuma Lifestyle!

  1. Faith.. Am trying very hard to vote for you and voting on behalf of my husband and son too.. I clicked to the link you provided but I do not see the orange button on that page.. Please advise!! Would vote everyday for you!!!:))

      • Hello faith.. I have liked the official Rilakkuma page and have also installed the app but when I clock yo visit your voting page.. There is still no orange button either above that lovely photo or anywhere where else.. Haha!! I will keep trying though.. Yes.. I do see that yellow button that you have circled… Will keep looking out for it…

  2. I voted for you, but used my sisters account. Since I am one of the few who doesn’t have facebook. I hope you win!! (^▽^)

  3. Hello Faith!! Just to let you know that I went on my computer today and tried voting and I was successful!!! But I could only do it once.. Is it once a day only? Wanted to vote on behalf of my son and husband too.. Hahaha!!

  4. I’m sorry that I’m late, too. But I voted, also, and I’ll vote daily! I’m so happy you’ve entered this, you indeed deserve to win! I’m really happy so many others are voting for you, too. All the best of luck, I REALLY hope that you win. :)

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