I’m back!

Whew – I feel like I’ve been gone forever! So much Rilakkuma news has happened while I’ve been away!

But I was so excited to come home to a special Rilakkuma gift from the lovely Ariel at Rilakkuma Desu: the first Rilakkumagazine!!

Rilakkumagazine - front

Aloha Rilakkuma cover!

Rilakkumagazine - inside

The magazine folds out to reveal a ton of content! One side has a brief overview of Rilakkuma history, and the other side has details about the Aloha Rilakkuma series, along with some other Rilakkuma news (like the Baseball release).


The back panel is my favorite! It features a Rilakkuma plushie adventuring around Hawaii – the photos are kind of like Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr style!

Such a wonderful way to be welcomed home! I hope they make more Rilakkumagazines in the future!

Also, my sister has officially started her study abroad program in Japan; you can read about all her (largely food-related) adventures on her new blog!

As a thoughtful sister understanding of my Rilakkuma addiction, she was nice enough to get a magnet set from the KFC x Rilakkuma campaign going on:

KFC x Rilakkuma 2013 - magnet

You can punch out the 4 magnets to make a photo frame!

Yay! Maybe I can snag a box too when I got to Japan next month to visit her :)

In other news, have y’all seen these new mascot towels?

Rilakkuma mascot towels - all

So cute how they can be wrapped to look like towel plushies!

Aww they’re each holding 4 leaf clovers! They’re scheduled to come out on June 8 in Rilakkuma Stores.

PS Remember when I submitted a photo of my Rilakkuma for San-X’s Facebook photo contest?

Well, they announced the winners, and my photo wasn’t chosen T^T It’s a little confusing to me because most of the winners had under 10 votes, and some had no votes at all! I smell something fishy! I definitely saw a lot of other photos with a lot of votes that didn’t get chosen either – what a bummer.

Oh well… Thanks everyone who voted for me – I really appreciate everyone’s support, and I’m so incredibly happy to know there are so many great Rilakkuma lovers around :) Y’all are the best!

6 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Yay your back :D I know so much is going on now in the Rilakkuma world~ It’s weird that the comic series is released for the same day as Harajuku’s Anniversary?! Awesome your sis is in Japan. When do you leave? Wow those magnets look so cute >.<

    • Oh hey yeah I didn’t even realize that was an anniversary day, how awesome! I wonder what the anniversary set will look like.

      I’m leaving the states for Japan on June 19, and staying for a week :) haven’t confirmed all the plans yet, but probably staying in the Tokyo area, I think (the planning is kind of out of my hands; I’m just along for the ride!).

  2. Welcome back!!

    That magazine is so cute! I definitely agree that the back panel is similar to your rilakkuma photoshoots!

    Rilakkuma really is doing collaborations with everyone! I would totally have KFC just to get the goodies, it’s like when I have a Happy Meal just to get the toy….

    Oh my gosh, those towels are amazing!! Tempted to get one…

    • Haha I’m definitely the type to go to fast food places more often with these kind of promotions (which means the marketing is working haha) – I totally went Happy Meal crazy for the McDonalds beanie baby promo back in the day too…

  3. Welcome back!! The KFC magnet set is so cute! Such a thoughtful sister :) I was so happy when I got the rilakkumagazine hehe, hopefully they do release more. It will become my mission to collect them all hehe

    • Thanks! I’m really hoping they do more “magazines” – they’re so adorable, and such a nice addition to any Rilakkuma collection :) though they look more like pamphlets to me haha they’re still really great!

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