Rilakkuma Literature!

It’s Labor Day weekend over here, a nationwide holiday during the first Monday in September dedicated to the American worker! Of course, that means we get the Monday to relax from all the hard work, so that means I have more time to blog – and sleep!

Anyway, I know my blog gets super plushie-centric, so it’s time to spice things up with some Rilakkuma literature!

Especially since it’s currently storming, so snuggling up to a good book seems like a pretty good idea right now!

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - full

It’s the 10th Anniversary Rilakkuma Fan Magazine!

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - illustrations

Inside, there are beautiful full-page illustrations of the Rilakkuma Wonderland Series.

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - timeline detail

There’s also a really great broad overview of Rilakkuma plushies over the years!

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - bag

The magazine also came with this neat looking bag. Hamburger Rilakkuma plushie not included haha

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - interior

The bag is also reversible, and features a white marching band print on the other side!

Rilakkuma Fan Magazine - bag back

And the back features two marching band Rilakkumas holding paws!

San-X released this in late July 2013 – they called it the Rilakkuma Fan 10th Anniversary “Mook” (magazine + book) hahaha I suppose that sounds a little better than a “boogazine” (or does it?). In addition to the bag, the mook also came with a sheet of stickers featuring past Rilakkuma series!

Even though I only took photos of 2 pages, there really is a ton of content inside – from plushie history, to collaborations, and even current Rilakkuma news!

The only real bother is that the mook was attached to the box with the bag inside, and it was tough to remove. I’m not really sure if I was “supposed” to remove the mook, but I wanted to read it without having an empty box attached to it.

Speaking of magazines, check out Rilakkumagazine Vol. 2!

Rilakkumagazine Vol.2 - full

It’s Wonderland themed!

Rilakkumagazine Vol. 2 - opened

The magazine folds out and features a lot of different things like a quick run-through or Rilakkuma history as well as a feature on the Wonderland products. I personally liked the illustrations the best!

Though they’re really more like pamphlets, these Rilakkumagazines are super fun and cute to collect! And they definitely give my Rilakkuma plushie shelf a little bit of diversity.

San-X began this Rilakkumagazine business starting with the Aloha Rilakkuma series – Rilakkumagazine Vol. 1 earlier this year (February 9). They’ve only come out with 2 so far, so I’m at 100%! I wonder if they’ll release a new Rilakkumagazine with every major series? Let’s see how long I can keep this going haha.

I love collecting these books/magazines, but it’s also a little silly of me because I can’t actually read Japanese… but I really like looking at the photos and illustrations! The pages are pretty easy to follow since they’re photo-heavy, mostly series I’ve seen before, and there is a little English sprinkled in. Maybe one day I’ll be able to read the words haha

Not literature, but still Rilakkuma-related – check out these little extras that came with my order!

Rilakkuma Literature - extras

Rilakkuma+Korilakkuma pen toppers and a Rilakkuma keychain!

Eeee so adorable! With all of my 22cm plushies on my shelf, it’s so nice to get some variation to mix things up a bit :)

As before, thanks so much to Ariel (Rilakkuma Desu) for helping me out with getting all of these as a part of my super-big order last month! Definitely read her blog; she just posted a huge 3 part series on all the great new Rilakkuma x Lawson campaigns/releases!

Hope everyone has a relaxing Labor Day weekend! Simon and I will be going out for steaks to celebrate!

I’m back!

Whew – I feel like I’ve been gone forever! So much Rilakkuma news has happened while I’ve been away!

But I was so excited to come home to a special Rilakkuma gift from the lovely Ariel at Rilakkuma Desu: the first Rilakkumagazine!!

Rilakkumagazine - front

Aloha Rilakkuma cover!

Rilakkumagazine - inside

The magazine folds out to reveal a ton of content! One side has a brief overview of Rilakkuma history, and the other side has details about the Aloha Rilakkuma series, along with some other Rilakkuma news (like the Baseball release).


The back panel is my favorite! It features a Rilakkuma plushie adventuring around Hawaii – the photos are kind of like Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr style!

Such a wonderful way to be welcomed home! I hope they make more Rilakkumagazines in the future!

Also, my sister has officially started her study abroad program in Japan; you can read about all her (largely food-related) adventures on her new blog!

As a thoughtful sister understanding of my Rilakkuma addiction, she was nice enough to get a magnet set from the KFC x Rilakkuma campaign going on:

KFC x Rilakkuma 2013 - magnet

You can punch out the 4 magnets to make a photo frame!

Yay! Maybe I can snag a box too when I got to Japan next month to visit her :)

In other news, have y’all seen these new mascot towels?

Rilakkuma mascot towels - all

So cute how they can be wrapped to look like towel plushies!

Aww they’re each holding 4 leaf clovers! They’re scheduled to come out on June 8 in Rilakkuma Stores.

PS Remember when I submitted a photo of my Rilakkuma for San-X’s Facebook photo contest?

Well, they announced the winners, and my photo wasn’t chosen T^T It’s a little confusing to me because most of the winners had under 10 votes, and some had no votes at all! I smell something fishy! I definitely saw a lot of other photos with a lot of votes that didn’t get chosen either – what a bummer.

Oh well… Thanks everyone who voted for me – I really appreciate everyone’s support, and I’m so incredibly happy to know there are so many great Rilakkuma lovers around :) Y’all are the best!