Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

The Fukuoka PARCO (福岡パルコ) Rilakkuma Store turned 3 this year, and released these super cute strawberry shortcake themed Rilakkuma plushies!

Well I ordered these guys when they came out back in March from the Japanese auctions, but the package arrived the day my flight left so I had to wait a month and a half to see them – but so worth it!

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - front

Happy 3rd birthday, Fukuoka Rilakkkuma store!

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - back

The back: I was surprised that the embroidery was directly on their head

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - hat detail

My favorite detail: the straw-bear-ies on the hat! Though Kori’s is more of a bonnet because of the ribbon.

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - outfit detail

Of course, their lovely cake-themed outfits! Rilakkuma’s got some shorts (why is he always in these shorts nowadays?) and Kori’s got a nice stole.

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - mix & match

Since the stole is removable, I let Rilakkuma wear it for a bit so he could look like a layer cake hahaha

This is actually the only full set that I own – usually I only buy the Rilakkuma haha but I couldn’t say no to Kori this time!

I usually never crave cake, but having these guys around makes me wanna start baking!

12 thoughts on “Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

  1. Aww these guys are super cute the bear shaped strawberry is defiantly the best~ I like Rilakkuma’s new outfit :D I still need to add these cuties to my collection you’re super lucky ;)

  2. Love them! They are so adorable and their hat/bonnet is to die for! For some reason, I can pick those fancy ladies wearing those hats/bonnets while eating cake XD

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