Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

Woke up to a wonderful surprise today: new poncho-wearing watermelon punch kumas!

This design was released on May 22, marking the Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma Store’s 1 year anniversary – happy birthday to them!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - full

Oooh got some Tokyo Skytree bags, too!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - back

Didn’t know how long the store’s full name was! So, happy birthday Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Rilakkuma Store – whew! One really cute detail is that the pompom colors on Rilakkuma’s poncho are inverted on Korilakkuma’s!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - tags

Speaking of differences: though tag art is more of Ariel’s thing, on these tags, Korilakkuma’s dollop of cream is pink, while Rilakkuma’s is white!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - Rilakkuma seed detail

Their ponchos are decorated with a watermelon seed print – with one Rilakkuma shaped seed on the back!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - watermelon seed detail

Cute starry watermelon detail! Their ponchos are lined with light blue fabric.

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - hood detail

Love the curly vine detail on top! The pompoms are supposed to represent little melon balls haha.

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - pins

Special pins to commemorate the Skytree Rilakkuma Store’s 1st anniversary!

So lovely! The watermelon punch theme is such a wonderful way to celebrate the summer!

13 thoughts on “Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

  1. Oh wow such cute details I love the kuma shaped seeds on their clothes! Awesome pins too super lucky :D The look so soft and cuddly!

  2. I love the Sky Tree bags XD

    The pins are awesome as well! I saw this woman who had a beautiful Sky Tree pin when I was in Japan last year, I wanted to take it off her bag XD

    • The pins are so awesome – I just don’t know where to put them right now! Esp since I don’t use a purse. Maybe if my sister wins that Rilakkuma bag from Lawson, we can put pins all over it hahaha

    • Yeah, the watermelon theme is so cute and appropriate for the summer! Makes so much sense too since it’s peak watermelon season haha – I’ve started seeing them take over my local grocery!

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