2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma & the Indifferent Snowperson strikes again!

So it’s a little past scarf season here, but this is relevant to current events, I swear!

Introducing: 2013 Christmas Fashion Korilakkuma!

2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma - full

Welcome to the family!

2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma - hat detail

A festive party hat for Korilakkuma! And not her first red hat, either.

2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma - tag art

Tag art! Seems like a huge stocking might be warmer than the scarf she’s got on haha

2013 Christmas Fansclub Korilakkuma - family

A white winter family!

So stylish! This cute Korilakkuma was released by Fansclub for the Christmas season in October 2013!

Gigantic thank you to Trinie again for this beautiful plushie! This lovely Korilakkuma will join the ranks of my slowly growing winter/Christmas collection – I love her!!

Elsewhere, the Indifferent Snowperson (ISP) from the Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive Playset makes another appearance in the Tokyo Skytree 2nd Anniversary Series!

Tokyo Skytree 2nd Anniversary - ad

Peek-a-boo! I see you, ISP!

This cute set is prepared for any type of weather! Korilakkuma’s umbrella is really quite swell, but kind of sad she’s not covered up in a raincoat like the rest of them.

I really love how ISP has made an appearance in this series, just like the Sendai 1st Anniversary series! I don’t really understand why ISP is in this series, but I’m not complaining haha (ETA: reader nicolinamarina notes that with the appearance + the combo with the umbrella and rain ponchos, that ISP might be used here as teru teru bozu! Great catch!)

Each of these plushies is a cool 1,300, and will be released on May 22 – hey, that’s the day before my final exam!

Also as a sidenote, there are a few Sweet Happy Rilakkuma events going on across the Rilakkuma Stores in Japan too, featuring special editions coasters and photo sessions at select locations!

And finally, inspired by Ariel’s post – I hope everyone is enjoying cherry blossom season, it’s so beautiful! Here are some of my favorite Rilakkuma Lifestyle tumblr photos from last year:

Rilakkuma Lifestyle - Psychadelic Rilakkuma

Happy spring!

Rilakkuma Lifestyle - Cherry Blossoms 1

I have this one in blanket form, too!

We don’t have too many cherry blossom trees down here in Florida, but with the weather being nice again, I’m inspired to do another outdoor Rilakkuma photoshoot too! :D

Rilakkuma News & Korilakkuma plushies!

Whew, my first week of official medical school is over! I love the teaching style so far, and the material is heavy, but manageable for now (or did I speak too soon?). Now that the weekend’s here, I’ve got time to do Rilakkuma things :)

Anyway, the theme of this post is Korilakkuma!

These are actually my sister’s plushies! But they deserve some time in the spotlight too, of course!

Korilakkuma (M) - full

This is a medium sized Korilakkuma! She’s about 34cm – about 1.5x times that smaller collectible bears I usually have!

Korilakkuma (M) - back

No zipper! I’m not used to seeing bears without zippers anymore hahaha

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - Korilakkuma XL

Also, an XL Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary Korilakkuma! I only have the small version haha

Watermelon Korilakkuma and Korilakkuma (M)

These two Korilakkuma’s are about the same size – which means they TOWER over all of my tiny 22cm Rilakkumas haha

Yay! I’m so glad the other members of my family have some love for the other characters in the Rilakkuma crew to balance out my Rilakkuma fanaticism!

We got the (naked) Korilakkuma at Tokyo Station and the watermelon Korilakkuma at Skytree! The watermelon set was released during Skytree’s 1st Anniversary, but they still had a bunch of the XL plushies for sale when my family went in June!

In other news, Rilakkuma and friends were spotted at this year’s 7’s Day!

7's Day - side

Korilakkuma and (another) Rilakkuma are sitting inside, while Kiiroitori stares at a face-planted Rilakkuma?

MX7 - front

The color of the car is the same shade of yellow as Rilakkuma’s ears/paws/soles! Or is it more of a Kiiroitori yellow?

According to Dino Dale Carbonare at SpeedHunters, 7’s Day is the unofficial celebration of the Mazda RX-7 every year on July 7 (7/7) in the Daikoku Parking Area. And while it’s known it’s vast outpouring of MX-7’s, 7’s Day not only celebrates 7s, but anything rotary engine related!

RX-7 owners are a really tight knit community, and they organize this gathering every year just by word of mouth – incredible! It’s so cool to see RX-7 and Rilakkuma enthusiasts intersect :)

Um… not exactly sure why Rilakkuma is face-down on top of this FD, but hey – super cute Rilakkuma spotting, in my opinion!

Also, do y’all think this is the Christmas Net Shop Exclusive for this year?

Christmas 2013 Net Shop Exclusive - teaser

What a great present to receive! They all have little red stoles with white trim!

Looks like it’s Rilakkuma Wonderland themed! They look like mini-plushies, and it seems that their noses are flat too haha

Pretty cute, and looks like they’re playing different instruments from the ones in the summer release? I spy a violin/bass violin-playing Rilakkuma, I think!

Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori plushie!

Hello again! I’m back in Florida!

Wow, I haven’t updated since I arrived to the Philippines! I said things would slow down on this front after my fast-paced Rilakkuma adventures in Japan, but it turns out that applied to my blogging (and internet connection) too haha. But now that I’m back in the states, I have some time to burn while I wait for med school to start (August 5)!

First up is Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori!

Tokyo Skytree Set - full

At 2080 ft., Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower in the world! … which would make this Rilakkuma more than 1000 feet tall if scaled up to actual size!

Tokyo Skytree Set - Rilakkuma close-up

Fun fact: this is actually my first Kiiroitori hahaha

Tokyo Skytree Set - Korilakkuma

Love that they still included all the details: Rilakkuma has a functioning zipper, and Korilakkuma has her signature red button, even though it is barely visible!

This particular set, with the bears hanging on to the tower all King Kong-like, came out December 2012! A different set with the 3 with Rilakkuma holding dango came out at the Skytree Rilakkuma Store’s grand opening on May 22, 2012 – super cute, too!

Anyway, over the next few days, I’m gonna try to photograph and catalog all the different plushies I picked up while in Japan while I try to get caught up on all the Rilakkuma news I’ve missed – for example omg hahaha that the new Rilakkuma Wonderland mini plushies’ tails are all different colors?

Rilakkuma Wonderland - tails

Also, dango-drummer Rilakkuma’s nose looks full and normal here?

And aahhh the super cute Rilakkuma x Tower Records collab?? I love Ariel’s and Angel’s photos! So jealous!

These musically inclined Rilakkumas dovetail quite nicely with the new Akiko Yano Rilakkuma collaboration song, リラックマのわたし (“The Rilakkuma that is me”)! The CD will be available at Tower Records on August 7!

PS a big OOOH to the close-ups of the Rilakkuma Wonderland float playset!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

Woke up to a wonderful surprise today: new poncho-wearing watermelon punch kumas!

This design was released on May 22, marking the Tokyo Skytree Rilakkuma Store’s 1 year anniversary – happy birthday to them!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - full

Oooh got some Tokyo Skytree bags, too!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - back

Didn’t know how long the store’s full name was! So, happy birthday Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Rilakkuma Store – whew! One really cute detail is that the pompom colors on Rilakkuma’s poncho are inverted on Korilakkuma’s!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - tags

Speaking of differences: though tag art is more of Ariel’s thing, on these tags, Korilakkuma’s dollop of cream is pink, while Rilakkuma’s is white!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - Rilakkuma seed detail

Their ponchos are decorated with a watermelon seed print – with one Rilakkuma shaped seed on the back!

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - watermelon seed detail

Cute starry watermelon detail! Their ponchos are lined with light blue fabric.

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - hood detail

Love the curly vine detail on top! The pompoms are supposed to represent little melon balls haha.

Tokyo Skytree 1st Anniversary - pins

Special pins to commemorate the Skytree Rilakkuma Store’s 1st anniversary!

So lovely! The watermelon punch theme is such a wonderful way to celebrate the summer!