Hey, what’s up with Rilakkuma’s nose?

Though this series was leaked a while back, the official page for the Rilakkuma Wonderland series is up!

This series will be released in July, and features Rilakkuma and pals in a marching band!

It might be too hard on my wallet to collect the entire series, so I had my eyes on drummer Rilakkuma with the dango drumsticks, but something’s a little off…

Rilakkuma Wonderland - full set

Do you see it?

Rilakkuma Wonderland - drummer

Part of his nose is missing!!

Aww, what happened? Photoshop error, one-time sewing mishap, or is his nose really going to be missing a chunk?

(ETA: Simon and my sister think he might be chewing?)

Regardless, I can’t decide if I’m gonna order this one yet – love how the Rilakkumas have different facial expressions though!

18 thoughts on “Hey, what’s up with Rilakkuma’s nose?

  1. OMG LOL i didn’t notice it! But they all still looks cute ^^
    And I don’t think I can afford the whole set as well :( I had my eyes on Rilakkuma the dango drumsticks, Korilakkuma with trumpet and Kiiroitori though ^^

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  3. Hahaha I didn’t see that until you said something, I love this series, Ki playing the piano is pretty funny and cute!

    • The Korilakkumas look so majestic! I love how they made her the conductor haha

      Haha I guess general consensus is that he’s chewing too – I just haven’t seen him make that face in a plushie before, I guess.

  4. I definitely want to get the whole set to have the whole marching band feel even though I might be broke by then… That picture with all of them together Is just too cute, it’s like they are ready for the grand 10th anniversary event! Too many sets coming out in June/July time… And their designs are all so cute

    I think rilakkuma is chewing hehe, definitely a foodie who will be eating while playing, I didn’t even notice the drumsticks were dangos until you pointed it out, lol too creative

    • Ahh I know – they look so adorable all together, and they rarely release so many in one go! I’ll definitely try to get at least one of them, I think – though I might end up jumping the fence and buying the whole set, who knows haha

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