Rilakkuma Happy Natural Time Series!

Hey, though this series leaked a few months ago, the official page for the Happy Natural Time Series is up!

You can check out the official photos for all the new products in the line-up, from plushies to towels and correction tape!

Happy Natural Time Series - full

Deer ponchos!

Happy Natural Time Series - towel

“Everyday Happy with Natural motifs.”

Pretty cool! Also remember that the pre-orders for the Lawson playset for this series are going on now until the end of October or when the pre-order fills up!

I really do love the pie theme, but I think I’ll wait for the Caravan/Store Exclusives to see if I’ll pick anything up – preferably one of Rilakkuma holding a pie?

In related news, I think my Rilakkuma plushie purchasing may be slowing down a bit since I’m a med student now (and have no significant income) PLUS I just won my ultimate Rilakkuma dream piece haha, but who knows – I always say I’ll slow down but San-X keeps releasing cute plushies one after the other haha.

In other news, my first exam of medical school went pretty well! Because it was our first exam, our instructors tried to make it easier on us by only having 30 questions… but I actually think that ended up making it harder because with so few questions, there really isn’t much room for error.

But anyway, I brought along my Rilakkuma (he stayed in my bag though) and Simon brought My Only Rilakkuma to the exam as good luck charms! Grades haven’t been posted yet, but I think they worked!

11 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Happy Natural Time Series!

  1. I’m sure you did great with Rilakkuma there :D Wow this series is super cute, it always feels like a continuation for the forest series though. Looking forward to the caravan as well, the rug is very cute. Motifs

  2. It’s so cute that you brought rilakkuma to be good luck charms ^_^ I am sure they worked hehe and yup loving the deer ponchos and pie theme, I am looking forward to the caravan too, there needs to be pie plushies!! I tell myself to slow down on buying rilakkuma plushies too but sometimes they are too cute to resist… Too many releases, and I felt like I already spent a fortune on the 10th anniversary releases :( but its all worth it!! ^_^ good luck in med school!!

    • Yup, I think Rilakkuma totally helped during the exam! Definitely did his job and relaxed me, which was great because everyone in my class was really stressing out!!

      Yeah, I made a plan to slow down with the plushie purchases but I wonder how well I’ll stick to the plan haha we’ll see!

  3. Hello, I love Rilakkuma so much and just stumbled upon your blog (I love it by the way!). I’ve never ordered an actual Rilakkuma plush, only letter sets and other little stationary type things. BUT Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma in their little fawn capes :_: I need! Do you order directly from the san-x website? I went to the site and clicked the link for English but I did not see a way to actually put in an order. I would love the order (or pre-order) these cuties. Sorry to be a bother, lovely blog once again. :)

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