Lalaport EXPOCITY 1st Anniversary Soccer Rilakkuma Plush! + AIRASHI CO Space Rilakkuma Plush Giveaway + Kiiroitori Diary!

Finally representing a sport that can be played in the summer for the next Rilakkuma athlete: Soccer Rilakkuma Plush from the EXPOCITY 1st Anniversary Series!

リラックマストア・プラス ららぽーとEXPOCITY店1周年 - サッカー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - リラックマ ぬいぐるみ - Lalaport Expocity Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary - Soccer - full

Rilakkuma is the goalie! I love his two-tone powder blue and yellow goalie gloves!

リラックマストア・プラス ららぽーとEXPOCITY店1周年 - サッカー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - リラックマ ぬいぐるみ - Lalaport Expocity Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary - Soccer - ball and goal detail

This Rilakkuma is just in the midst of catching the ball! And lovely ear detail on the soccer goal that makes the whole frame look like a bear! The plush is attached to the goal frame at three points (2 on the head and 1 at the feet).

リラックマストア・プラス ららぽーとEXPOCITY店1周年 - サッカー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - リラックマ ぬいぐるみ - Lalaport Expocity Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary - Soccer - jersey detail

Sporty soccer jersey with light/dark blue vertical stripes, with a small yellow bear emblem and “Rilakkuma” proudly displayed front and center.

リラックマストア・プラス ららぽーとEXPOCITY店1周年 - サッカー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - リラックマ ぬいぐるみ - Lalaport Expocity Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary - Soccer - shoe detail

Amazing attention to detail with a small yellow bear symbol on the lateral side of both his soccer cleats. I really appreciate this because this side of his shoes face down and is unseen when he is upright, but the detail was included anyway for thoroughness—incredible! And a great view of the fabric tag featuring a blue and gold “1st” to represent the EXPOCITY Rilakkuma Store’s 1st anniversary.

リラックマストア・プラス ららぽーとEXPOCITY店1周年 - サッカー - あつめてアニバーサリーぬいぐるみ - リラックマ ぬいぐるみ - Lalaport Expocity Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary - Soccer - tag art

Tag art features a powder blue soccer ball pattern, except one of the pentagons is replaced with a bear shape in the middle. Wish they did that for the plush soccer ball Rilakkuma is holding, too!

This active bear was part of the Lalaport EXPOCITY 1st anniversary celebration held in November 2016!

In 1970, Japan hosted Asia’s first World Expo in Suita, Osaka, and in 2015, the expo grounds were renovated into the complex now known as EXPOCITY! There’s a huge soccer stadium in Suita near EXPOCITY, so this soccer bear is a perfect fit!

Gigantic thanks to my Aunt Lulu for helping me acquire this athletic Rilakkuma star! Wow, the sports leagues in Bear Country are really shaping up!

Hey US Rilakkuma fans! Interested in winning a Space Series Store Exclusive Rilakkuma plush? AIRASHI CO, a Japanese character goods store based out of Virginia that just opened in May, is hosting a giveaway this month!

There are 3 ways you can enter, see the AIRASHI Instagram post below:

Giveaway closes on June 30 at 9PM EST, so be sure to enter before then!

Also, AIRASHI CO has a great selection of Rilakkuma plush for sale! And I love the Rilakkuma photography on their website :)

This plush is from one of my favorite series of all time, the Space Series from Summer 2014! I have so many Rilakkuma plush from that season, including the standard release, store exclusive, Kiddyland exclusives, and JAXA collaboration (both versions!). Suffice to say, we have a very developed Rilakkuma space program hahaha.

Personally, I won’t be entering this giveaway since I already have my own Store Exclusive Space Series Rilakkuma plush, but wanted to spread the love for one very detailed Rilakkuma plush for those looking! Good luck to everyone entering!

In other news, the summer Rilakkuma series has been announced: say hello to the Kiiroitori Diary Series!

リラックマ キイロイトリ ダイアリ― - Rilakkuma Kiiroitori Diary Series - cover

Let’s take a peek into Kiiroitori’s life!

リラックマ キイロイトリ ダイアリ― - ぬいぐるみ - スーパーもーちもち大福クッション - Rilakkuma Kiiroitori Diary Series - plush designs

An amazingly diverse set of plush designs all based around Kiiroitori! From the top down, looks like we’ve got Kiiroitori as a vacuum, Kiiroitori trying on a wig, Kiiroitori eating a biscuit that says “Kiiroitori Diary”, Rilakkuma and friends (including Kiiroitori) wearing Kiiroitori costumes, and finally giant squishy Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori mochi cushions!

This Kiiroitori-centric series will be released in July 2017, and features some truly hilarious plush designs! That jumbo mochi cushion shape is a lot like what my Pooh Tsum Tsum looks like now that he’s several years old hahaha.

The summer Rilakkuma series are generally my favorites! They are usually highly conceptual, complex, detailed, and meaningful. This is just a sneak peek, and I can’t wait to see what the various exclusive designs will look like! Will keep you updated with new plush designs as they get released!

What are your first impressions of this year’s summer series: Kiiroitori Diary? Are you a Kiiroitori fan?

The return of the indifferent snowperson!

Yay, the Sendai Rilakkuma Store 1st Anniversary designs were officially announced, and look who’s back for a cameo!

Sendai 1st Anniversary - Announcement

Snow and orange theme!

Christmas 2011 San-X Net Shop Exclusive - indifferent snow person

I see you!

The Sendai 1st anniversary Kiiroitori is holding a mini version of the indifferent snowperson from the Christmas 2011 Net Shop Exclusive playset!

Wow, I can’t believe they brought it back again this year, I’m so ecstatic!

I love the snow and oranges theme because oranges are also my home state Florida’s state fruit! Oranges are the sweetest after a frost because the cold makes the oranges produce more sugar for energy!

These cute mini-plushies will be sold at all the Rilakkuma Stores for 1300 円.

Getting more into the Christmas spirit…

Christmas 2013 - individual plushies

Going down the chimney to deliver presents!

Chrismas 2013 - Santa hat


Christmas 2013 - Store Exclusive set

A Christmas scene that says “Heartful Happy Christmas”! Loving the bear ornaments, wrapping paper, and stockings :D

Wow! The Christmas 2013 lineup is pretty incredible!

The three individual Christmas plushies (1800円 each) will be on sale at multiple locations as well as the San-X Net Shop, while the Santa hat (1480円) and playset (10000円)will be a Rilakkuma Store exclusive – all to be released on November 2nd!

There are also keychains and special drawstring bags exclusive to the Rilakkuma Stores, too!

Whew, November 2nd seems like a pretty exciting day! I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon, I feel like the time is really flying by!

In the just past week, I’ve learned how to draw blood, perform a cardiac exam, and insert an IUD. I also talked to someone about lowering their blood pressure by drinking less coffee, which was pretty exciting. Things seem really busy but everything is so fun/interesting that I don’t really feel too exhausted right now. I’ll just keep on keeping on with Rilakkuma by my side! :D

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Plushies!

The Fukuoka PARCO (福岡パルコ) Rilakkuma Store turned 3 this year, and released these super cute strawberry shortcake themed Rilakkuma plushies!

Well I ordered these guys when they came out back in March from the Japanese auctions, but the package arrived the day my flight left so I had to wait a month and a half to see them – but so worth it!

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - front

Happy 3rd birthday, Fukuoka Rilakkkuma store!

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - back

The back: I was surprised that the embroidery was directly on their head

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - hat detail

My favorite detail: the straw-bear-ies on the hat! Though Kori’s is more of a bonnet because of the ribbon.

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - outfit detail

Of course, their lovely cake-themed outfits! Rilakkuma’s got some shorts (why is he always in these shorts nowadays?) and Kori’s got a nice stole.

Fukuoka 3rd Anniversary - mix & match

Since the stole is removable, I let Rilakkuma wear it for a bit so he could look like a layer cake hahaha

This is actually the only full set that I own – usually I only buy the Rilakkuma haha but I couldn’t say no to Kori this time!

I usually never crave cake, but having these guys around makes me wanna start baking!