Nisetsumuri (にせつむり) plushie, a guest blog, and more Rilakkuma Art!

A slight deviation from our regular Rilakkuma program: it’s Nisetsumuri (にせつむり), from Sumikko Gurashi!

Nisetsumuri - front


Nisetsumuri - tag

Tag art!

Nisetsumuri - held by bear

The little elastic band means all of my Rilakkumas can hold onto him :D

Tonkatsu - stickers 2

Jennifer also included some incredibly cute Tonkatsu stickers: here are two of my favorites!

Tonkatsu - sticker designs

Here are the rest of the sticker designs – I love how new character Ebi furai no shippo (えびふらいのしっぽ) is included. And… do I see Tapioca in the top right squirting sauce onto Tonkatsu? Hahaha

Hilariously, Nisetsumuri (にせつむり) translates into something like “fake head” or “deceptive head” – because it is actually supposed to be a slug who just wears a shell! What a cute backstory haha.

And Tonkatsu (とんかつ), forever ignored because he’s the fatty end of the pork cutlet, is featured in this sticker set trying to become more appetizing with sauce, I suppose.

This Nisesumuri plushie was released in April 2013, and the Tonkatsu sticker set was released in September 2013! Glad to see such longevity in the Sumikko Gurashi line!

This set was a generous gift by reader Jennifer – thank you so so much for your support and thoughtful gifts, they never fail to cheer me up when school get busy and hectic!

Riding on the wave of Rilakkuma art from a previous post, check out this beautiful rendition of a Rilakkuma 7th Anniversary scene by dulcetart!

Dulcetart - Rilakkuma art


Really fantastic colors! This is really one of my favorite scenes/series in Rilakkuma history – I even made a GIF of this scene around 3 weeks ago, so perfect timing! Definitely check out the rest of dulcetart’s incredible art at her tumblr!

My Kawaii Life - Guest blog post

How old is my first Rilakkuma?

In other news, I know I’ve never really written about how I got into the Rilakkuma world, so if you’re curious, I did a little guest blog post over at My Kawaii Life! There are also a few snapshots of my apartment Rilakkuma shelf, which is currently overflowing with plushies haha.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Jen – I’m so honored to have been featured! If you’re interested in cute things of all types (like Rilakkuma), make sure to check out the rest of her amazing blog as well!

Lunar new year is coming up! Can’t wait to celebrate again!

15 thoughts on “Nisetsumuri (にせつむり) plushie, a guest blog, and more Rilakkuma Art!

  1. Wow Jennifer is so kind to send such cute gifts! That artwork is fab! I do like those colors too. Yay congratulations on being featured it was fun to read!

  2. OMG!! There is now a long queue of Rilakkuma plushies at home, taking their turns to carry my Nisetsumuri at home!! :D Nisetsumuri is feeling so grand!!:)) thank you so much for the suggestion Faith!! Happy that you loved them all.. :))

  3. Wonderful gifts! Haha, I would’ve never thought of using the straps to attach them to other plushies’ arms, genius! I squirreled mine away, I think it’s my spare luggage XD. Too much kawaii to keep track of.

    The artwork is STUNNING! Love the colours and it’s beautifully done. Ooo, I’m definitely going to head on over to Kawaii Life to read your piece!

    • Yeah haha I wasn’t really sure where to put the snail at first because he’s so small and I felt like he was supposed to be hanging somewhere with his little loop.

      I love the artwork too! I hope to see more Rilakkuma art in the future :D

      (I think my blog is slowly being invaded by Sumikko Gurashi, and I’m okay with it haha)

  4. Thanks so much for being a part of my blog Faith. I really enjoyed putting together your guest post. :)

    I’m glad your blog is being invaded by Sumikko Gurashi too. I looooove those characters. They are so cute! :)

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