Fairy Korilakkuma Fansclub Plushie!

A quick break from studying to spotlight an amazing new addition to my collection: Fairy Korilakkuma!

Fairy Korilakkuma - full

Wow, my first Halloween themed plushie!

Fairy Korilakkuma - magic wand detail

Cute bear magic wand detail!

Fairy Korilakkuma - wing detail

Whoa, what iridescent wings!

Fairy Korilakkuma - tag art

Tag art! Looks like Korilakkuma decided to dress as a witch for the tag instead haha.

So pretty! This Korilakkuma is part of the Fansclub release for the 2008 Halloween season! This plushie is particularly special because this series was released so long ago that it hadn’t been listed on the Fansclub website – wow, what a great part of Rilakkuma history!

So I know Halloween is a long time from now, but this Fairy Korilakkuma reminded me a lot of the butterflies that are out right now, so I thought it’d still be appropriate to showcase her today!

A gigantic thank you goes out to Trinie for this beautiful Korilakkuma! I’m so honored for the opportunity to showcase such an important part of Rilakkuma history! THANK YOU!

In other news, a new Rilakkuma Store exclusive line has rolled out: Rilakkuma Textile!

Rilakkuma Textile - announcement

Oh, what a beautiful color scheme!

Rilakkuma Textile - plushies


Such an interesting design choice – they look pretty bundled up for the summer time!

Similar to the Comics Series that was released around the same time last year, this is a Rilakkuma Store exclusive line based on a pattern that also features plushies!

It’s great to know that San-X is appears to be sticking to a schedule for their releases so us Rilakkuma fans can brace ourselves for what types of releases to expect throughout the year!

Out of pattern, however, is the size of the plushies – last year’s Comics Series had the standard collectible size (~22 cm) plushies, but it looks like this release features the mini-plushies (~14-15 cm) like the store anniversary plushies from the past year. Like the other mini-plushies, each one goes for 1,300 ๅ††, and will go on sale June 7.

What do you all think? I have a soft spot for the standard 22 cm sizes when it comes to Rilakkumas (and I especially loved the way the hoodies looked on the standard sized plushies last year), because I’m more used to those proportions, but hey – maybe I’m just stuck in my “old” ways hahaha.

One week left in school! :O I’ve been motivating myself (or distracting myself) with these cute new 7-11 CF’s featuring Rilakkuma! Oh and Taiwanese drama stars Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen, too haha. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Fairy Korilakkuma Fansclub Plushie!

  1. School sounds pretty stressful for you now. Do not worry, it would be over pretty soon!! Hang in there!!๐Ÿ˜„

    Korilakkuma looks really sweet as a fairy!! You are right! Love those wings that she has! Beautiful!!

    I also prefer the Comic series that was released last year. Somehow, this textile pattern does not really appeal to me and I feel that Rilakuma looks so feminine in that styled poncho…. Somehow…. Sorry Rilakkuma!!!!๐Ÿ˜

    Thank you for the update Faith!! Just one more week!! Time Flies!!!๐Ÿ‘

  2. What a cute addition, it looks like you have another Ko bear to add! And wow, from 2008, that was from quite a while ago. Glad she can join your collection ^-^

    Wow, what a nice pattern on the Rilakkuma textile. I looked at the link and I’m really loving how it looks on the totes and pencil cases, and I might get it when it’s released. Also those commercials are adorable!

    Good luck on your last week! Glad summer vacation is rolling around soon for you! Take care :)

  3. Awwwww Fairy Ko is toooo cute! It makes me want to hug her so tight and never let her go! The new textile design is really nice, if only they had it in every store that carries Rilakkuma, and not just in Rilakkuma Stores! LOL HAHA loving the commercials! I really want ALL those spoons, they are sooo adorable! I would always eat with them! And the Rilakkuma tape haha, I would tape EVERYTHING, and Rilakkumafy everything haha! Good luck on your schooling and hang in there, I’m very happy school is ending too haha, FREEDOM! Have a nice day:)

    • Yeah, these commercials are so adorable! So many great Rilakkuma products all over the world hehehe. I’d love the tape to Rilakkumafy everything too hahaha

      I’m hanging in there – just a couple more days to go until I can taste freedom again (if just for a short while haha).

  4. Thanks for the update and for helping to share this plush with everyone. I did not know that you did not have any Halloween themed ones. I just sent you another load of goodies. I included another cute Halloween Kobear for you. You will see when you get it.

    The new designs are nice but not a must buy for me. I will see if there are better ones to get. Remember to relax and do not stress too much. By the way, I am a fan of Taiwanese artists but have not heard of these 2 celebs. It is great that San x is spreading everywhere though.

    • I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to see the new Halloween Kobear :3

      And I agree that it’s great to see Rilakkuma all over the place – I know San-X is making a big marketing push for Rilakkuma in the US with all the events they’re holding, but I haven’t had a chance to attend any of them (they’re all many states away from me) – maybe one day they’ll come to Florida haha.

  5. Your Ko is so cute, like a fairy princess! Oh wow Taiwanese Rilakkuma CM, I think there is also another Tdrama that focuses on a couple who each have a Rilakkuma and Ko (unless this one is it) but Mary said that’s how she first found Rilakkuma. Yep I’m stuck in my old ways as well.

    • Oh haha that’s so funny! I didn’t know Rilakkuma snuck his way into the Taiwanese drama scene before too haha. I really need to keep a better eye out for these Rilakkuma commercials outside of Japan – they’re pretty cute, and it’s interesting to see how they translate Rilakkuma (like in these commercials it’s “La La Xiong” hahahahahaha).

  6. Hi there. Can you please post your email address as of 2014? I would like to inqure about two Rilakkumas that I will be buying. Thankyou!

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