Cupcake Rilakkuma Plushie!

Got a sweet tooth? Then you have to check out this Cupcake Rilakkuma!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - full

What a dainty cupcake bear!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - ear detail

The ears are my favorite detail: the change from the normal circular yellow ears to this pattern is really exquisite, and I love the sprinkles, too!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - back

“Rilakkuma” beautifully embroidered in gold in the back!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - tag art

And a perfectly pretty tag to match!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - with Sweets&Sweets Rilakkuma

Perfect pair: Cupcake Rilakkuma with the Cupcake King Sweets & Sweets Rilakkuma!

Adorable! This plushie is so special to me because he’s a deviation from the standard bear shape, and has such a unique and interesting shiny fabric, too – really breathtaking for me!

Also, this bear-cake is my first plushie from the Sweets Series from December 2009! What a cool design; I hope San-X will introduce more interesting bear shapes in the future like this one and the Mushroom Rilakkuma from the Forest Series Net Shop Exclusive.

Cupcakes are one of my favorite foods – he makes me so hungry! This plushie joins a long legacy of food Rilakkumas in my collection :D

Huge thanks to Trinie for this sugary-sweet Rilakkuma! What a wonderfully cute cupcake bear :D Wow – he really is a special plushie!

Hungry for more? Check out this Rilakkuma tofu box set!

Rilakkuma Tofu - Summer 2014

Ooooh, it’s “I Love Rilakkuma” themed!

Rilakkuma Tofu - shapes

Comes with 3 kuma face shapes, and one Kiiroitori face! I wonder what flavor sauce is on that Kiiroitori…

Rilakkuma Tofu - box uses

After you’re all done with the tofu, you can keep the box as a collector’s item – ingenious!

Handy! This clever tofu set is produced by Satonoyuki (さとの雪), which also released a similar Rilakkuma tofu product around the same time last year – no commemorative box back then though.

I think the box is a really smart marketing idea because I am a huge sucker for collectable items like those – seems like a great box to keep all of my smaller, non-plushie Rilakkuma items (like pins, finger puppets, and pizza cutters) safe!

Rilakkuma never struck me as a tofu-loving kind of bear, but I guess he eats all sorts of things haha. Tofu is also one of my favorite foods… though I think my list of favorite foods is rather long haha. What kind of food would you like to see as a Rilakkuma theme?

ETA (6/6/14): AHHHH the Space Rilakkuma Series has been announced and I’m out of town! I’ll post about it when I get back on Sunday but WAAOOOWW what a release!

16 thoughts on “Cupcake Rilakkuma Plushie!

  1. The cupcake plushie is really cute, and I like the fact that he has a golden color for his head, just makes it look more delicious.. (Imma start looking for a midnight snack soon) haha. Well I’m not sure what kind of food theme I would like to see, cause there is already quite a lot of food themes for Rilakkuma. Maybe they could have a ‘gentleman & fair lady’ one instead. I would very much like to see Rilakkuma with mustache. Haha

  2. Thanks for sharing this plushie with everyone Faith! This was one of my first and most favorite San x plushies ever. The dessert/ cake them was my first and one of my most favorite themes ever. It was also one of hardest to find so I was lucky to find one for you as well. I love the different shaped plushies a lot instead of just the typical bear shaped ones. The mushroom,snowman,cupcakes,etc.. or any malshaped ones are always my most favorite. I love the shiny fabric which makes it more fancy and unique. I hope you will always treasure and take care of this rare and cute plushie.

    I have noticed that older releases even ones that are not limited edition are hard to find too,so was lucky to find this one. I just sent you 2 big packages so let me know when you get them ok?

    • Thank you so much again!!!!! This plushie is really lovely and such an important part of Rilakkuma history! :D Really amazing details, and so unique! The differently shaped plushies are really so special :)

      • You are so very welcome! I am very happy that you like it and I knew you would so had to get it for you regardless of price. The specially shaped ones are special and unique.

  3. Oooh, I’d never seen that one before! I’ve done a good looking into the Sweets series as it’s one of my favorites, but I’ve never come across that specific one. I agree, I love the details on the ears and the stitching. How adorable!

    I’m not a big fan of tofu but it makes me want to buy that just for the collector’s box. I’m a sucker for anything Rilakkuma related haha.

    • I am shocked that you have never seen that one. That was one of the first ones that I became interested in and made me get into Rilakkuma stuff. The sweets series is one of the best one.

      • I haven’t, perhaps I haven’t searched deep enough haha. Most of my plushie knowledge are through sellers that I frequent and I haven’t seen it yet.

        But I agree, I love the Sweets Series, I’m still trying to find where to get something from the series at a reasonable price!

        • I guess I lucked out in terms of searching because that was one of the first ones that I ever saw. I agree with you I terms of pricing. I had to pay some pretty high prices for some of those too. I was lucky to find an extra one for Faith but the price was not low because they are really rare and hard to find. It is sad that many sellers love to rip us off.

          • Agree, sometimes the prices are ridiculous. I saw a set verging on $1000. That’s why I always have different sources on hand and I do a good search before settling on a plushie if I think it’s too much.

            • Wow, you actually saw one that was around $1000 dollars? One of the most expensive sets that I have seen is the 2011 Christmas set( not the one Faith has but the other one). It was over $300 US dollars. The other one is the 2009 Ox zodiac set. I saw that for nearly $400-$500 and thought what a rip off it was.

              • Haha yes! It was like $900 something but plus shipping it was going to end up being 1K. Ridiculous. Yeah, I’ve seen those Chinese Zodiac sets sold for pretty high prices. It’s ridiculous.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of confusing with the sweets names because there’s this Sweets series from 2009 and a Sweets&Sweets series from 2011, and they both featured cupcakes to some degree.

      I love the box too haha – my problem with Rilakkuma food is that a lot of times it looks too cute to eat!

  4. Ah I love Tofu too and this is defiantly a must buy~ we just got special sauce with Kumamon on it so it’ll be perfect (liking having a character picnic). Your new cupcake kuma is so cute and I wish they made some real kuma cupcakes because he looks sweet too XD I’d like to see Rilakkuma holding a Pizza or Curry. I’m still hoping for a Coco Ichibans and San-X colab.

    • Oooh haha sounds like a lovely character picnic haha – I love Kumamon!!

      Omg I was really wishing for a pizza-themed Rilakkuma line when the Pizza Hut x Rilakkuma collaboration was first announced. The pizza cutter and board were really awesome, but I would’ve spent big bucks on a pizza Rilakkuma plushie haha

      • Hey, I was thinking like you guys. I wanted a pizza themed one too and think they will eventually have one because they do not have one yet. I am sure they will
        do every kind of theme they can think since they will run out of ideas sooner or later.

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