Cupcake Rilakkuma Plushie!

Got a sweet tooth? Then you have to check out this Cupcake Rilakkuma!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - full

What a dainty cupcake bear!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - ear detail

The ears are my favorite detail: the change from the normal circular yellow ears to this pattern is really exquisite, and I love the sprinkles, too!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - back

“Rilakkuma” beautifully embroidered in gold in the back!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - tag art

And a perfectly pretty tag to match!

Cupcake Rilakkuma - with Sweets&Sweets Rilakkuma

Perfect pair: Cupcake Rilakkuma with the Cupcake King Sweets & Sweets Rilakkuma!

Adorable! This plushie is so special to me because he’s a deviation from the standard bear shape, and has such a unique and interesting shiny fabric, too – really breathtaking for me!

Also, this bear-cake is my first plushie from the Sweets Series from December 2009! What a cool design; I hope San-X will introduce more interesting bear shapes in the future like this one and the Mushroom Rilakkuma from the Forest Series Net Shop Exclusive.

Cupcakes are one of my favorite foods – he makes me so hungry! This plushie joins a long legacy of food Rilakkumas in my collection :D

Huge thanks to Trinie for this sugary-sweet Rilakkuma! What a wonderfully cute cupcake bear :D Wow – he really is a special plushie!

Hungry for more? Check out this Rilakkuma tofu box set!

Rilakkuma Tofu - Summer 2014

Ooooh, it’s “I Love Rilakkuma” themed!

Rilakkuma Tofu - shapes

Comes with 3 kuma face shapes, and one Kiiroitori face! I wonder what flavor sauce is on that Kiiroitori…

Rilakkuma Tofu - box uses

After you’re all done with the tofu, you can keep the box as a collector’s item – ingenious!

Handy! This clever tofu set is produced by Satonoyuki (さとの雪), which also released a similar Rilakkuma tofu product around the same time last year – no commemorative box back then though.

I think the box is a really smart marketing idea because I am a huge sucker for collectable items like those – seems like a great box to keep all of my smaller, non-plushie Rilakkuma items (like pins, finger puppets, and pizza cutters) safe!

Rilakkuma never struck me as a tofu-loving kind of bear, but I guess he eats all sorts of things haha. Tofu is also one of my favorite foods… though I think my list of favorite foods is rather long haha. What kind of food would you like to see as a Rilakkuma theme?

ETA (6/6/14): AHHHH the Space Rilakkuma Series has been announced and I’m out of town! I’ll post about it when I get back on Sunday but WAAOOOWW what a release!