Fansclub Strawberry Rilakkuma Plushies! + JAXA collab, Funny Parts Series, and more!

What better way to celebrate strawberry season than with these awesome Fansclub Strawberry Rilakkuma Plushies!

Fansclub Strawberry Series Part 2 - full

A handsome pair of strawbears

Fansclubs Strawberry Series Part 2 - strawberry crown

A beautiful crown of strawberries and strawberry blossoms for this Rilakkuma!

Fansclub Strawberry Series Part 2 - strawberry hood

And a snug strawberry hood for this bear!

Fansclub Strawberry Series Part 2 - tag art

Tag art featuring Korilakkuma picking up a huge heart-shaped strawberry!

Lovely! And what a dynamic duo! I like to think they became best friends over their mutual interest in strawberry headgear hehehe.

These blissful strawbears were released as part of the “Strawberry Series Part2” by Fansclub in March 2010.

Gigantic thank you to reader Trinie for this seasonally perfect pair of bears! What a splendid set, and they’re joining a strong and diverse community of strawberry bears!

Lots of cool Rilakkuma things to look forward to: check out the JAXA Rilakkuma plushie!

JAXA Rilakkuma - ad

Great jumpsuit!

I missed posting about this guy because I got swept up in the Dr. Yellow line, wow, isn’t he fly? Like the Dr. Yellow series, this cute JAXA worker comes out on July 19, and costs 2,484円.

As Ariel mentioned in her post, JAXA stands for “Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency” and they’re responsible for satellite launches, asteroid exploration and much more! With the Space Series coming out this month, this collaboration fits perfectly!

I actually live really close to the Kennedy Space Center – maybe I need to take my astronaut Rilakkumas for a visit hehehe.

In case you’re still craving more Rilakkuma news, San-X will also be releasing a new line of Rilakkuma merchandise for the Rilakkuma Funny Parts Series!

Funny Parts Series - 1

Wahaha I really like these phone cases, might be something I’d like to invest in (1,200円)

Funny Parts Series - 2

Now you can pretend to be Rilakkuma with the excuse that it’s just a pouch or a towel hahaha

Great concept!

Looks like this theme features our favorite parts from our favorite bears – look forward to this release in August 2014!

I think the Rilakkuma mug is really clever, though I guess you have to hold the mug up to your nose for it to really look like you have a Rilakkuma snout haha.

And for those interested, I’ve finished the first part of my collection page!

Bear Nation - June 2014

Always growing!

Just the San-X and Lawson ones are done right now, but I hope to finish the rest of the plushies over the next week or so.

One my webpage, my running collection will be recorded on the top menu bar (“Collection”), and provides information about series and release date, as well as their original posts on my blog and San-X page. Hope y’all enjoy it!

9 thoughts on “Fansclub Strawberry Rilakkuma Plushies! + JAXA collab, Funny Parts Series, and more!

  1. That would be so cool seeing Rilakkuma at the Space Center!! I see now San-X has taken down the JAXA plushie so I hope it’s still coming out soon X0 maybe it’s not going to be for the net shop anymore!? Kyaaa your new kumas are super cuties. I always like the strawberry themes they do. Haha the new Funny Parts series XD *goes to check out Collection Page* It looks awesome and very well done!

    • OMG you’re right, it’s gone! Waaah whyyyy where did it go?? Optimistically, it could be that they took it down because they didn’t get a chance to announce it officially yet. But ahh its so cute, I hope the collab is still happening!

      I love the strawberry themes too – I think that’s the theme I have the most of actually hahaha.

  2. I love strawberry kumas! Those look adorable.

    There’s sooo many things to look forward to this month. The Jaxa Rilakkuma looks so cute in his blue suit. I’m really loving the space series so far.

    As for funny parts, I don’t usually spend money on Rilakkuma accessories (plushies are my first priority haha), but I’m a little tempted to buy that phone case.

    • Yeah definitely, the Space Series hasn’t disappointed at all – they must’ve gotten a new wave of great character designers.

      Haha I know what you mean – the Funny Parts release reminded me that my current wallet/phone holder is a little worn out after being depended on for the past 4 years haha.

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