Bonjour Series Rilakkuma Plushie – Store Exclusive!

Ahhh I’m so excited to share with you all this plushie I received this week!

Hooray, it’s Sandwich Rilakkuma!!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - full

Sharing one big sub sandwich!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - Rilakkuma detail

Rilakkuma looks like he’s in a bit of a food coma haha

Sandwich Rilakkuma - Kiiroitori detail

Kiiroitori’s holding the Rilakkuma variation of the French flag!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - back

The back of the plush, with their little bear buns hovering in the air. Speaking of buns, the sandwich bun is incredibly soft and fuzzy!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - tag

Tag art! Looks like the illustration shows little kuma-toothpicks that hold the sandwich together, too!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - tomato detail

Wow, even the tomato slices hidden inside have little embroidered details!

This set was the Rilakkuma Store exclusive for the Bonjour Series, and was released February 19, 2010, which was also the weekend the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store celebrated its 1st anniversary!

At the time, only the Umeda and Tokyo Station branches were open! Wow, and I was busy in the middle of my undergrad and hadn’t even heard of Rilakkuma back then haha how the times have changed.

This plushie is my ultimate dream piece, and has been at the top of my wishlist since I first started collecting. I love the Bonjour Series a lot (mainly because of its baguette-centrism), and I’m so lucky to have obtained two plushies I really dreamed for (this and the Caravan edition) during this past month!

This also means I’ll have to rebuild my wishlist again haha.

Huge thanks to Ariel for being so diligent in sending me links for Japanese auctions for this plushie!! I’ve seen 4 separate auctions for this plushie come and go (way above my price range) since the summertime, but I was finally successful with this one and it’s so perfect! Thanks again for keeping an eye out for me!

Of course, since these bears are French, we had to welcome them home with some croissants…

Sandwich Rilakkuma - with croissants

Any excuse to bake!

Hopefully one day in the future, I’ll get to visit France, and I’ll bring these two along – they’d blend right in, no problem!

Wishlist – Sandwich Rilakkuma! (ACQUIRED!)

I really enjoy browsing old San-X archives, but I always end up wanting more Rilakkuma…

This time, it’s Sandwich Rilakkuma! Sold only at the Tokyo Station (during its 1 year anniversary) and Umeda stores in February 2010, this set was a special edition release as part of the Bon Voyage/Bonjour series – an entire series seemingly dedicated to Rilakkuma’s love of baguettes.

Bon Voyage Series - Sandwich

Rilakkuma and friends go to Paris!

What a big sandwich! Maybe Rilakkuma looks like he’s already eaten too much.

Speaking of sandwiches, apparently the term “sandwich” was coined by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who is said to have invented the combination of meat and bread so that he wouldn’t get his hands greasy while playing cribbage! I wonder how he would feel if he saw Rilakkuma feasting on his invention today?

Since this is a limited store-only release from a few years back, I’ll have my work cut out for me when I get around to hunting this one down. I’ve also been eying this Caravan edition from the same series. Maybe I can ask for one of these for my birthday next year?

ETA (9/18/13): Acquired!