Shaved Ice Rilakkuma Plushie!

Well, it keeps getting warmer and warmer around here, so to chill out a little bit, say hello to Shaved Ice Rilakkuma!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma - full

Hungry for shaved ice!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma - spoon detail

Super cute spoon detail!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma - bowl detail

氷(kōri) means “shaved ice”, and it’s usually served with a light syrup – yum!

Shaved Ice Rilakkuma - tag art

Tag art! Looks like Rilakkuma is looking forward to a huge dessert!

Lovely! Looks like he’s ready for seconds (or thirds) haha.

Fansclub released this plushie in July 2010, but what’s really interesting about this plushie is that he was part of the 7th Anniversary Happy Rainbow series – wow! I’m not sure what all shaved ice has to do with the rainbow series (I always thought they featured more ice cream in that line), but it’s really beautiful and one of my favorite series because of the colors :) The 7th anniversary series has always been on my wishlist, so I’m so glad to have this plushie in my collection!

The shaved ice motif actually reminds me a lot of the Harajuku Rilakkuma Store opening plushie from back in 2012!

Again, this beautiful plushie was courtesy of the ever generous Rilakkuma fan Trinie!! Thank you so much for sharing your love of rare and hard to find Rilakkuma plushies!

Also, I tweeted about this back when it was announced in January, but how BEAUTIFUL does this Ecole Criollo x Rilakkuma collaboration cake look?

Ecole Criollo x Rilakkuma - bar

What a wonderful heart theme!

Ecole Criollo x Rilakkuma - square

Wow, I really can’t believe how immaculately this was cut!

Looks delectable (and fancy)!

So much more to come! Can’t wait to share more Rilakkuma plushies with all of you!

Bonjour Series Rilakkuma Plushie – Store Exclusive!

Ahhh I’m so excited to share with you all this plushie I received this week!

Hooray, it’s Sandwich Rilakkuma!!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - full

Sharing one big sub sandwich!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - Rilakkuma detail

Rilakkuma looks like he’s in a bit of a food coma haha

Sandwich Rilakkuma - Kiiroitori detail

Kiiroitori’s holding the Rilakkuma variation of the French flag!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - back

The back of the plush, with their little bear buns hovering in the air. Speaking of buns, the sandwich bun is incredibly soft and fuzzy!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - tag

Tag art! Looks like the illustration shows little kuma-toothpicks that hold the sandwich together, too!

Sandwich Rilakkuma - tomato detail

Wow, even the tomato slices hidden inside have little embroidered details!

This set was the Rilakkuma Store exclusive for the Bonjour Series, and was released February 19, 2010, which was also the weekend the Tokyo Station Rilakkuma Store celebrated its 1st anniversary!

At the time, only the Umeda and Tokyo Station branches were open! Wow, and I was busy in the middle of my undergrad and hadn’t even heard of Rilakkuma back then haha how the times have changed.

This plushie is my ultimate dream piece, and has been at the top of my wishlist since I first started collecting. I love the Bonjour Series a lot (mainly because of its baguette-centrism), and I’m so lucky to have obtained two plushies I really dreamed for (this and the Caravan edition) during this past month!

This also means I’ll have to rebuild my wishlist again haha.

Huge thanks to Ariel for being so diligent in sending me links for Japanese auctions for this plushie!! I’ve seen 4 separate auctions for this plushie come and go (way above my price range) since the summertime, but I was finally successful with this one and it’s so perfect! Thanks again for keeping an eye out for me!

Of course, since these bears are French, we had to welcome them home with some croissants…

Sandwich Rilakkuma - with croissants

Any excuse to bake!

Hopefully one day in the future, I’ll get to visit France, and I’ll bring these two along – they’d blend right in, no problem!

Bonjour Series Rilakkuma Plushie – Caravan Edition!

Bonjour Rilakkuma - box

Is it cheese? Is it honey?

Who could be inside this Cheese Honey box?

It’s Bonjour Rilakkuma – Caravan Edition!

This is a plushie I’ve wanted since I first started learning about Rilakkuma a year ago!

Bonjour Series Rilakkuma - full


Bonjour Series Rilakkuma - baguette

Giant baguette!

Bonjour Series Rilakkuma - beret

Cute poofy beret!

Bonjour Series Rilakkuma - lining

And his pocket lining has both blue and red polka dots, compared to the usual light blue only spots!

Bonjour Series Rilakkuma - tag

Tag art! The Rilakkuma on the tag looks more like the regular release, but his paper bag says “La boulangerie de Rilakkuma” (Rilakkuma Bakery).

This plushie was released as a part of the French-themed Bonjour Series in March 2010. Appropriately, this Rilakkuma’s color scheme matches the French flag: red, white, and blue!

He is a Caravan plushie, which means that he was part of a special additional release during the Bonjour Series time. The Rilakkuma Caravan is a seasonal affair where San-X holds special Rilakkuma events at stores and locations all over Japan – not just the 8 Rilakkuma Stores! They bring out the big Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori suits, and there’s a chance to take photos. Most important (for me) is that they also sell these special plushies that are design variants of the major series of the moment. Right now, the caravan is Rilakkuma Wonderland themed!

This Bonjour plushie is my third caravan plushie (my others are the Aloha Caravan and the Egg Caravan).

Yay, I’m so excited to have won this! Liemzie (Tea Two Sugars Please) has the most incredible luck in the world and found not one, but TWO of these super rare bears (WOW) and put this one up on auction.

To celebrate this plushie, and maybe help him feel less homesick for France (hahaha), we baked some croissants!

Well so actually, croissants are thought to have originated in Austria, but they been of a staple of French bakeries for centuries! So welcome home, Bonjour Rilakkuma!

Bonjour Series Rilakkuma - croissants


Speaking of croissants, this is one of my favorite Disney shorts – it’s croissant themed!

Too cute!

In addition, I was also pleasantly surprised to find some extra Rilakkuma goodies in the box:

Bonjour Series Rilakkuma - extras

Rilakkuma Wonderland stationary and a Korilakkuma finger puppet!

Ahhh so awesome! Thanks so much, Liemzie!

Also hahaha, if you look closely at the stationary design second from the left, there’s a Rilakkuma riding a horse in the background that looks just like the Rilakkuma Wonderland Store exclusive… except he has teeth like the Wonderland Caravan plushie! I wonder if Rilakkuma’s teeth are going to be more and more visible now?

Whew! Opening my mailbox and finding Rilakkuma stuff always makes my week! :) :) :) Which is just in time because I have my first medical school exam tomorrow! Maybe I’ll bring a Rilakkuma along for good luck hahaha.

Holiday x Rilakkuma Plushie!

I’ve been on a fashion kick recently, though maybe spending money on anything that’s not Rilakkuma feels bizarre to me.

Anyway, here’s a fashion-related Rilakkuma from a cute collab: Holiday x Rilakkuma Plushie!

Holiday x Rilakkuma - full

How stylish! Took me forever to figure out what it was for though since “holiday” is such a generic term – googling at first just brought up stuff about the Happy Holiday Picnic series.

Holiday x Rilakkuma - shirt close-up

What a nice t-shirt! They also came out with a black t-shirt version!

Holiday x Rilakkuma - tag

Teehee, even a special Rilakkuma face in the shape of the Holiday logo as a tag!

Holiday x Rilakkuma - lining

Thanks to Kumadokidoki for pointing out to me that he has a special pocket lining that says “Rilakkuma <3 holiday”!

We picked him up at the Umeda Rilakkuma Store!

He was part of a collaboration with fashion line Holiday back in 2010!

Speaking of fashionable bears, here’s are few shots of the Rilakkuma apparel we also picked up while we were in Umeda!

Thanks to my sister Rachel for modeling them all!

Rilakkuma Apparel - shirts

The shirts say “Rilakkuma” and “Music de relax!”, and the shirt on the left also says “It’s Rilakkuma time!” in Japanese! Guess the left-most Rilakkuma is listening to the most bumpin’ music hahaha

Rilakkuma Apparel - jacket

A special Rilakkuma Store jacket released in November 2011! Top: front detail, Bottom: back detail.

Rilakkuma Apparel - shorts

Rilakkuma shorts! Everyone in my family has a set for themselves.

They’re so comfy!

We basically bought out most of the Umeda store’s apparel that day hahaha

On the topic of Rilakkuma apparel, I know Uniqlo has a Rilakkuma collab out, but I haven’t seen a lot of stores stocking it – the website says it’s available online and select stores. We went to 3 different Uniqlo’s during our Asia trip, and didn’t see any booo :[

I wish they would’ve stocked their Rilakkuma line (it’s only 6 shirts) in more stores! Then maybe I could completely replace my wardrobe with Rilakkuma apparel hahaha

Mushroom Rilakkuma & Squirrel Korilakkuma!

New arrivals: Mushroom Rilakkuma and Squirrel Korilakkuma! This set was a San-X Net Shop exclusive from October-November 2010, as a special release from the Forest Series.

Mushroom Rilakkuma - front view

Hello Mushroom Rilakkuma!

Mushroom Rilakkuma - side view

I think Simon’s planning on planting him a flowerpot haha.

One of my favorite aspects of this release is that the San-X Net Shop manager came out with a series of really silly blog posts/photos featuring the Mushroom Rilakkuma: waiting for the elevator, appearing from behind a table, chilling on a staircase, and being used as an arm rest. I guess the San-X employees love him a lot too!

Squirrel Korilakkuma - front view

Hello Squirrel Korilakkuma!

Squirrel Korilakkuma - side view

These photos doesn’t do her justice – her squirrel suit is so soft!

They are both pretty huge: Mushroom Rilakkuma (Shroom Koom? Mushkuma?) is only 24 cm tall, but with a 27 cm diameter, he’s much rounder/wider than everyone else. Squirrel Korilakkuma towers over everyone else at half a meter!

They will be going to Simon – we actually really lucked out on this purchase because we weren’t even looking for this set when the opportunity presented itself! We were just looking into the Misdo plushie, and it turned out that the seller was just liquidating their Rilakkuma stock in general. Wow!

Misdo Rilakkuma!

Hooray! My Misdo Rilakkuma plushie came in yesterday!

He had been on my wishlist since last week (short hunt haha), so I was really excited to finally see him today!

Misdo Rilakkuma - full body shot

Welcome to the family!

Misdo Rilakkuma - logo closeup


Misdo Rilakkuma - tag closeup

Tag close-up

Yay! He’s so cute! He stands out a little right now because he’s smaller/sitting down – he’s so special! Love him already :) Thanks, Simon!

Wishlist – Sandwich Rilakkuma! (ACQUIRED!)

I really enjoy browsing old San-X archives, but I always end up wanting more Rilakkuma…

This time, it’s Sandwich Rilakkuma! Sold only at the Tokyo Station (during its 1 year anniversary) and Umeda stores in February 2010, this set was a special edition release as part of the Bon Voyage/Bonjour series – an entire series seemingly dedicated to Rilakkuma’s love of baguettes.

Bon Voyage Series - Sandwich

Rilakkuma and friends go to Paris!

What a big sandwich! Maybe Rilakkuma looks like he’s already eaten too much.

Speaking of sandwiches, apparently the term “sandwich” was coined by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who is said to have invented the combination of meat and bread so that he wouldn’t get his hands greasy while playing cribbage! I wonder how he would feel if he saw Rilakkuma feasting on his invention today?

Since this is a limited store-only release from a few years back, I’ll have my work cut out for me when I get around to hunting this one down. I’ve also been eying this Caravan edition from the same series. Maybe I can ask for one of these for my birthday next year?

ETA (9/18/13): Acquired!

Wishlist – Misdo Rilakkuma! (ACQUIRED!)

Thinking about the donuts from yesterday made me hungry! Here’s a plush I’ve recently been yearning for: the Mister Donut (Misdo) Rilakkuma! From my understanding, during the course of this campaign, you would receive a scratchcard with a Misdo donut purchase of more than 100円, and this plushie was a gold level prize.

Misdo Rilakkuma - Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Misdo Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma

Rilakkuma partnered with Mister Donut during Winter 2010, where they gave out a ton of other merchandise with donut purchases like tote bags, squish toys, and even a special Christmas set!

They also came out with this wacky TV commercial featuring Japanese star Hiroshi Tamaki:

History lesson: Mister Donut was established in the 1950’s in the US, but after being acquired by Allied-Lyons, most stores in North America were converted into Dunkin’ Donuts (Donutses? Donuts’?). However, the franchise kept its name in Asia (after being acquired by Duskin), and it’s now the largest donut chain in Japan! No wonder Rilakkuma likes them so much!

Anyway – I wrote and queued this post up around last week, and yesterday, Simon ordered him for me!! I’ll post pictures as soon as he arrives! YAY!

ETA (12/11/12): Acquired!