Hamburger Series Rilakkuma!

I received this Hamburger Series Rilakkuma plushie before I started this blog, but I never got a chance to share so here he is now!

Hamburger + Chicken suit Rilakkumas - package and gifts

Decorated package came with Hello Kitty cream puff squishy, little packets of furikake decorated with anime, and Rilakkuma stationary.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - full body shot

I guess he’s technically a cheeseburger.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - ketchup bottle detail

Rilakkuma tomato ketchup! I’m always in awe of their details.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - hat detail

Burger hat detail

He’s so cute – I’m glad to add him to my personal collection! This bear came out in February 2012, as a limited edition corollary plushie set of the Happy Picnic Series:

Hamburger series - San-X event notice