Hara Donuts & Rilakkuma!

To celebrate the Happy Holiday Picnic Rilakkuma plushie featured yesterday, let’s take a look at another collaboration project: Hara Donuts & Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma partnered with donut company Hara Donuts starting around November 2011. Hara Donuts uses a more minimalist approach to donuts, creating handmade donuts with all-natural ingredients. With their beginnings in a raw tofu shop in Kobe, their donuts use fresh, local tofu in their homemade recipes. Hara (はら) means “original” or “raw” in Japanese.

During the Hara Donuts & Rilakkuma campaign, they had a special Rilakkuma themed donut menu based on the Happy Holiday Picnic Series, and some great themed merchandise!

Hara Donuts - reference image

How cute is it that Rilakkuma brings donuts to a picnic?

Hara Donuts - donuts

Sweet & Sour Lemon Chocolate/White Chocolate Donuts

Hara Donuts - cell phone charm

Hara Donuts & Rilakkuma Cell Phone Charm

Cute! They also came out with a selection of coffee mugs and tote bags. I would’ve loved if they released a plushie so I could add him to my collection!

Happy Holiday Picnic Series Rilakkuma!

The Happy Holiday Picnic Series came out in February 2012. This plushie was released as part of the same series as my Hamburger Rilakkuma, and came in the same decorated package as the Honey Bee plushie!

Happy Holiday Picnic - full body shot

Off to a picnic!

Happy Holiday Picnic - hamburger basket

The detailing on this prop is incredible. The waffling on the basket creates a really genuine texture, and the burger inside is so complete and fully thought-out that you can basically see all the ingredients.

Happy Holiday Picnic Series - boot detail

He’s even got personalized boots!

Wow! I’m so impressed! Also, it’s good to see Rilakkuma finally get a pair of shoes hahaha.

Hamburger Series Rilakkuma!

I received this Hamburger Series Rilakkuma plushie before I started this blog, but I never got a chance to share so here he is now!

Hamburger + Chicken suit Rilakkumas - package and gifts

Decorated package came with Hello Kitty cream puff squishy, little packets of furikake decorated with anime, and Rilakkuma stationary.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - full body shot

I guess he’s technically a cheeseburger.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - ketchup bottle detail

Rilakkuma tomato ketchup! I’m always in awe of their details.

Hamburger Rilakkuma - hat detail

Burger hat detail

He’s so cute – I’m glad to add him to my personal collection! This bear came out in February 2012, as a limited edition corollary plushie set of the Happy Picnic Series:

Hamburger series - San-X event notice