Mushroom Rilakkuma & Squirrel Korilakkuma!

New arrivals: Mushroom Rilakkuma and Squirrel Korilakkuma! This set was a San-X Net Shop exclusive from October-November 2010, as a special release from the Forest Series.

Mushroom Rilakkuma - front view

Hello Mushroom Rilakkuma!

Mushroom Rilakkuma - side view

I think Simon’s planning on planting him a flowerpot haha.

One of my favorite aspects of this release is that the San-X Net Shop manager came out with a series of really silly blog posts/photos featuring the Mushroom Rilakkuma: waiting for the elevator, appearing from behind a table, chilling on a staircase, and being used as an arm rest. I guess the San-X employees love him a lot too!

Squirrel Korilakkuma - front view

Hello Squirrel Korilakkuma!

Squirrel Korilakkuma - side view

These photos doesn’t do her justice – her squirrel suit is so soft!

They are both pretty huge: Mushroom Rilakkuma (Shroom Koom? Mushkuma?) is only 24 cm tall, but with a 27 cm diameter, he’s much rounder/wider than everyone else. Squirrel Korilakkuma towers over everyone else at half a meter!

They will be going to Simon – we actually really lucked out on this purchase because we weren’t even looking for this set when the opportunity presented itself! We were just looking into the Misdo plushie, and it turned out that the seller was just liquidating their Rilakkuma stock in general. Wow!