Rilakkuma leftovers!

Here are the miscellaneous Rilakkuma things from the big, recent influx that didn’t quite fit in with the other posts but deserve a mention:

Miscellaneous - all

A Rilakkuma cell phone holder, Korilakkuma mug and plushie (most of these are my sister’s).

The blue envelope on the left and the Kiiroitori folder on the right came together, and were a gift to my sister from her generous Japanese friend: they’re part of an ongoing campaign celebrating a whole decade of Rilakkuma!

Each blue envelope has a mini-folder featuring a different Rilakkuma series inside – my sister lucked out and got a great throwback to a series that debuted in August 2005 that was centered around Kiiroitori’s life and activities! Old school Rilakkuma! Looks like Kiiroitori got stuck cleaning up after Rilakkuma’s mess though…

But that’s not all!

Miscellaneous - Korilakkuma mug

A Korilakkuma mug for Simon! The little tail in the back is so cute, but I think it’s kinda funny that Korilakkuma products with this theme are always just labeled “Rilakkuma” haha

Miscellaneous - towels

Hand towels!
Top row: Face theme (April 2009)
Bottom row: “Rilakkuma, Rilakkuma” (August 2012), Aloha Rilakkuma (February 2013), Let’s Play With Bunnies (December 2012)

Whew! All kuma-ed out for the time being.

7 thoughts on “Rilakkuma leftovers!

      • Yes.. I quite agree, I would find it difficult to use the cute towels too and yes, I noticed that ear peeking out of the end of the towel.. Soooo cuuuute!!
        Every time when I see all your new stuff, it is just like I am receiving all those gifts too and I get very excited like you.. Hahaha!!
        Your younger sis is so lucky!! She managed to get the 2005 cute Kiiroitori mini folder.. So far I have managed to get 2 blue envelopes and both are the same, it is The Happy Life With Rilakkuma! From year 2003!!! Hahaha!! I hope to be able to get all 6 designs if I can .. Just so grateful to Sam-X to give us Rilakkuma fans such endearing gifts!!!
        Thanks again Faith for the great Pics and Post!!!!

    • Hey, thanks for checking out my blog! So awesome that you got to go to Japan last month!! Yeah, I think San-X cycles through their merchandise really quickly and I guess all the stuff from March when I got this stuff isn’t on the shelves anymore. Congrats on getting the Lawson Rilakkuma mug for the happy natural time series! I’m always so excited to see photos of all the Rilakkuma stuff I didn’t end up buying haha

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