Holiday x Rilakkuma Plushie!

I’ve been on a fashion kick recently, though maybe spending money on anything that’s not Rilakkuma feels bizarre to me.

Anyway, here’s a fashion-related Rilakkuma from a cute collab: Holiday x Rilakkuma Plushie!

Holiday x Rilakkuma - full

How stylish! Took me forever to figure out what it was for though since “holiday” is such a generic term – googling at first just brought up stuff about the Happy Holiday Picnic series.

Holiday x Rilakkuma - shirt close-up

What a nice t-shirt! They also came out with a black t-shirt version!

Holiday x Rilakkuma - tag

Teehee, even a special Rilakkuma face in the shape of the Holiday logo as a tag!

Holiday x Rilakkuma - lining

Thanks to Kumadokidoki for pointing out to me that he has a special pocket lining that says “Rilakkuma <3 holiday”!

We picked him up at the Umeda Rilakkuma Store!

He was part of a collaboration with fashion line Holiday back in 2010!

Speaking of fashionable bears, here’s are few shots of the Rilakkuma apparel we also picked up while we were in Umeda!

Thanks to my sister Rachel for modeling them all!

Rilakkuma Apparel - shirts

The shirts say “Rilakkuma” and “Music de relax!”, and the shirt on the left also says “It’s Rilakkuma time!” in Japanese! Guess the left-most Rilakkuma is listening to the most bumpin’ music hahaha

Rilakkuma Apparel - jacket

A special Rilakkuma Store jacket released in November 2011! Top: front detail, Bottom: back detail.

Rilakkuma Apparel - shorts

Rilakkuma shorts! Everyone in my family has a set for themselves.

They’re so comfy!

We basically bought out most of the Umeda store’s apparel that day hahaha

On the topic of Rilakkuma apparel, I know Uniqlo has a Rilakkuma collab out, but I haven’t seen a lot of stores stocking it – the website says it’s available online and select stores. We went to 3 different Uniqlo’s during our Asia trip, and didn’t see any booo :[

I wish they would’ve stocked their Rilakkuma line (it’s only 6 shirts) in more stores! Then maybe I could completely replace my wardrobe with Rilakkuma apparel hahaha

10 thoughts on “Holiday x Rilakkuma Plushie!


    Those shorts look so comfy, I would look so cool wearing those to my kickboxing classes, every one would be SO jealous that I have an awesome bear on my shorts. Can I come and steal them?

  2. This is just so awesome I saw him at Tokyo station too! I love that all your
    Family has those shorts they’re so cool!!! I need a pair now lol hmm yeah I didn’t see anything at uniqlo near me but I’ll look again!!

    • Yeah my dad LOVES Uniqlo so we went to every single one we could find – no Rilakkumas, but we did see stuff from other characters like Hello Kitty and Snoopy, where’s the Rilakkuma love?

    • I don’t think they advertise them very much – Umeda was the only store I went to that really had them prominently displayed. I think the other stores were hiding the clothes and putting the plushies out to shine instead haha and I don’t think they export too many of the apparel lines, either.

  3. I am surprised the rilakkuma store still has the Holiday Plushies in stock, I thought they would be all gone by now! I hope they are still there when I visit Japan next year hehehe, so I can pick one up too ^_^ You sister makes a lovely model! I want all the clothing!! They all look so comfy.

    • Yeah I was so confused when I saw it because I’m somewhat familiar with the plushies from more recent years, so I didn’t expect to see a series from way back in 2010!! San-X is always surprising me haha

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